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Lack of corroboration clears McChrystal

Jamie McIntyre, WTOP reporter and former senior Pentagon correspondent with CNN

Tags: Stanley McChrystal , Rolling Stone , Michael Hastings , CNN , Pentagon

Monday - 04/18/2011, 07:35pm EDT

Remembering an act of terror

Jamie McIntyre talks about March 9, 1977 - the day when a group of Hanafi Muslims took over three buildings in Washington, D.C. WTOP's Nathan Hager reports.

Tags: Nathan Hager , Hanafi Muslims

Wednesday - 03/09/2011, 05:01pm EST

What bosses might be keeping to themselves

What many workers often forget is they bosses were once employees too, and probably tried or knew about some classic workplace practices, like calling in sick after a hangover, or pretending a piece of office equipment is broken.

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Thursday - 01/06/2011, 09:20am EST

Pilot error likely in combat crash

Pilot error is likely to blame for the first crash of a CV-22 Osprey in a combat zone, WTOP has learned.

Tags: Osprey , CV-22 , V-22 , Afghanistan , Air Force

Wednesday - 05/19/2010, 09:37am EDT