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The Hunt: Cyberweakness

Is al Qaida eyeing U.S. cyber weaknesses?

Tags: The Hunt , cybersecurity , Siobhan Gorman , security

Wednesday - 03/17/2010, 08:57am EDT

Taliban stronghold falls

The Afghan government took official control of the southern Taliban stronghold of Marjah on Thursday, installing an administrator and raising the national flag while U.S.-led troops worked to root out final pockets of militants.

Tags: security , Taliban , Afghanistan ,

Thursday - 02/25/2010, 10:40am EST

Analysis: Future of national security after bin Laden's death

U.S. intelligence officials believe al-Qaida will have a hard time recovering from the death of its leader, Osama bin Laden. But some experts believe bin Laden was just a symbol and that the greatest terrorist threat to the U.S. is al-Qaida in Yemen. We get analysis from national security correspondent J.J. Green.

Tags: Federal Drive , Osama bin Laden , security , Intelligence community , CIA , DoD Report , The Hunt

Monday - 05/02/2011, 08:41am EDT

Security shakeup explained

President Obama is expected to make personnel announcements Thursday to unveil a major shuffling of his national security team. We get details and analysis from the AP's Mark Smith and our own JJ Green.

Tags: Federal Drive , national security , security , Mark Smith , Intel Briefing , management , defense , DoD , CIA , Leon Panetta , David Patraeus

Thursday - 04/28/2011, 11:03am EDT

The scramble for power

The uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East have almost crippled the intelligence services in those countries.

Tags: security , Intel Briefing , Fred Burton , Al Qaida

Thursday - 04/21/2011, 10:27am EDT

Intelligence learns from the past

Fred Burton, author of the new book "Chasing Shadows" about how the assassination of an Israeli military officer in Bethesda nearly 40 years ago sheds light on the actions of today's terrorists.

Tags: Federal Drive , The Hunt , Fred Burton , Stratfor , security ,

Wednesday - 04/20/2011, 08:41am EDT

Has the U.S. deployed covert ops to Libya?

National security correspondent joins the Federal Drive with analysis on the use of American covert ops in Libya

Tags: Federal Drive , Intel Briefing , Libya

Thursday - 03/31/2011, 10:41am EDT

Third Intifada?

Rumors are circulating that Israel may be about to get hit by a third Intifada. National Security Correspondent JJ Green talks with the Israeli Ambassador to the U.S..

Tags: The Hunt , Michael Oren , Israeli Ambassador

Wednesday - 03/30/2011, 08:40am EDT

The World, "Bloody but Unbowed"

How much more can the world take?

Tags: security , Intel Briefing ,

Thursday - 03/24/2011, 10:52am EDT
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