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Rising tide of terror

Many are wondering if there are more serious threats to the nation's capital.

Tags: security , Farooq Ahmed , al-Qaida

Thursday - 10/28/2010, 11:37am EDT

Prepare for the Worst

While it wasn't a warning, it was preparation for a warning.

Tags: security , Intel Briefing , lessons learned , terrorists

Thursday - 10/21/2010, 01:05pm EDT

U.S. Military leaving Osama behind?

The military will begin withdrawing from Afghanistan less than a year from now. National Security Correspondent JJ Green asks how that might affect the search for Osama Bin Laden.

Tags: Federal Drive , The Hunt , Greg Smith , Afghanistan , Osama bin Laden

Wednesday - 10/20/2010, 08:31am EDT

Dignity Denied

Arlington Cemetery is plagued with widespread burial operation irregularities, mistakes in the mapping of gravesites, disinterment of remains without approval from next of kin, discarding of remains and ultimately burial of remains in the wrong gravesites.

Tags: security , Intel Briefing , Arlington Cemetery ,

Thursday - 10/14/2010, 10:41am EDT

Domestic Intelligence

A very interesting dialogue unfolded yesterday in Washington.

Tags: Intel Briefing , FBI ,

Thursday - 10/07/2010, 10:36am EDT

More arrests made in terror plot

ederal News Radio National Security Correspondent JJ Green speaks with Fred Burton, Vice President of Stratfor. Burton says the plot was in its early stages.

Tags: Federal Drive , The Hunt , Fred Burton , Stratfor

Wednesday - 10/06/2010, 08:31am EDT

Deja New

This week's news of a commando-style plot to attack locations all over Europe was strikingly familiar.

Tags: security , Intel Briefing , Mumbai

Thursday - 09/30/2010, 11:21am EDT

The revenge of Operation Dark Heart

The Pentagon has purchased and destroyed thousands of copies of a book written by an Army Reserve officer. The question is why. The author of the book says it was about revenge.

Tags: Federal Drive , The Hunt , Operation Dark Heart , Anthony Shaffer , DoD Report , defense

Wednesday - 09/29/2010, 09:23am EDT

Potential for conflict in Africa threatens U.S. National Security

Conflicts in Africa have changed

Tags: security , Al Qaida , drug wars

Thursday - 09/16/2010, 12:16pm EDT

The Hunt: CBP's more complicated mission

The arrest of Faisal Shahzad is a sign of things to come says CBP Commissioner Alan Bersin.

Tags: Federal Drive , The Hunt , CBP , DHS , Alan Bersin ,

Wednesday - 09/15/2010, 08:40am EDT
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