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Pentagon cuts coming

The Pentagon needs to save $100 billion dollars in the next 5 years. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates says cutting weapons systems and contractor services may be the way to go. The Pentagon will spend about $400 billion of its roughly $700 billion budget on weapons and services from defense contractors. Gates said it is "a matter of principle and political reality to make sure every taxpayer dollar counts."

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Thursday - 07/01/2010, 01:28pm EDT

We told you so

Lawmakers are criticizing U.S. military officials for failing to heed warnings about the role they say a Pentagon transportation contract plays in fueling extortion and corruption in Afghanistan. Massachusetts Rep. John Tierney says the companies hired to move food, water, fuel and ammunition to American troops stationed at bases across Afghanistan are forced to pay warlords millions of dollars to ensure safe passage. The spoils may then be funneled to the Taliban and insurgent forces, potentially making the U.S. an unwitting financier of the enemy.

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Thursday - 07/01/2010, 01:15pm EDT

Russian/Iranian relationship questioned

Schizophrenic is how Defense Secretary Robert Gates describes Russia's relationship to Iran. In remarks before Congress he indicated Russian knows nukes in Iran would destabilized the region, but still Russia is pursuing a commercial relationship with Iran. Gates said he was told by his counterpart in Russia while he was head of the CIA in the 1990s, supporting Iran's nuclear reactor was all about the money.

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Thursday - 07/01/2010, 01:13pm EDT

McChrystal out, Petraeus in in Afghanistan

Gen. Stanley McChrystal loses his job after remarks to freelance reporter that reflected poorly on his civilian superiors.

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Wednesday - 06/23/2010, 06:42pm EDT

Israeli spy in U.S. part of 'rogue operation'

Twenty-five years after his arrest, the truth about for whom Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard was working is still in doubt.

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Sunday - 06/20/2010, 05:13pm EDT

China considers easing tensions with Taiwan

Chinese leaders may be willing to realign some of their weapons and ease tensions with Taiwan. Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Dianne Feinstein, who visited China and Taiwan earlier made the comments during a Senate hearing. The move may have been coated with hopes that the U.S. suspend or abandon future weapons sales to Taiwan. China broke of military to military talks with the U.S. after the Obama administration announced plans to sell Taiwan up to $6.4 billion in arms.

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Thursday - 06/17/2010, 11:37am EDT

U.S. and Russian militaries make history

The North America Aerospace Defense Command and the Russian Air Force plan to conduct a cooperative air defense exercise focused on combating terrorism. This exercise will take place in Russian and U.S. airspace and include Western Alaska and Eastern Russia in early August 2010. The scenario will involve both Russian and U.S. aircraft monitoring an international flight seized by terrorists.

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Wednesday - 06/16/2010, 07:03pm EDT

Police Looking for Bomb Suspect

Canadian Police are looking for a man who illegally bought enough ammonium nitrate to make a large bomb. There is significant concern about the purchase, because Canada is hosting the Group of Eight summit and the G20 later this month. Police found out about it after they were notified by a farm supply store in Canada. The man was described by police as being in his 50s or 60s, with brown, unkempt hair and missing fingers on his right hand.

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Monday - 06/14/2010, 10:43am EDT

Taliban use of tainted needles in IEDs questioned

A U.S. military official in Afghanistan called the claims the Taliban is planting HIV tainted needles along with IEDS, "absolutely" ridiculous. A former British military officer reportedly exposed the tactic to a U.K. news outlet. Questions have arisen about where the Taliban would get the needles and how they would know they're infected with HIV. British military explosive ordinance disposal teams have reportedly have been issued special gloves to handle IEDs.

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Thursday - 06/10/2010, 03:32am EDT

School Girls Poisoned

The Taliban denies any involvement, but for the third time in two months, school girls in Afghanistan have fallen ill. Authorities say they were poisoned with some kind of substance. The most up to date reporting from the region suggests the 14 girls in this incident were gassed. The girls were rushed to a medical facility in the Sar e Pol province in Northern Afghanistan. Authorities say they don't have any suspects. Almost 100 girls and teachers have been attacked this way in recent months.

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Tuesday - 06/08/2010, 08:04pm EDT
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