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U.S. military to test response to Iranian attack

War games next month for the Missile Defense Agency. The game --simulate a missile attack from Iran. The Pentagon says the agency will use its newest missile-killing technology. The test reportedly will involve a fake intercontinental ballistic missile launch from Iran. The fake missile will actually take off from the Missile Defense Agency's launch facility in the Marshall Islands in the South Pacific, while the interceptor will be launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

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Tuesday - 12/22/2009, 09:59am EST

A Conflict is Brewing

The concern about the Iranian nuclear program in Israel is growing. Israeli sources say there's a possibility of some type of conflict in the near term. Most observers have been talking about an Israeli strike against Iran, but a source in Israel says the likelihood is greater that Iran will launch a pre-emptive strike in Israel using Hezbollah and Hamas. Hamas now has rockets that can reach Tel Aviv, so does Hezbollah. The thinking among some top Israelis strategists appears to be, Iran will launch this war via remote control as a distraction.

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Tuesday - 03/23/2010, 10:58am EDT

Where is former Iranian President?

Where is former Iranian President Mohammed Khatami? The Iranian claims that he tried escape to a European county but was stopped. In a statement to Al-Arabiyah soon afterward, sources close to Khatami denied this report and stressed that the former president is in his home in Tehran. Khatami has been one of the leaders of the uprisings in Iran and has been rumored to be one of several high-level former Iranian officials pushing against the Ahmadinejad government.

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Tuesday - 08/04/2009, 11:24am EDT

Iran's missile test "Troublesome"

Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman says Iran's missile tests are "troublesome." "You combine these show-of-force type missile tests along with the other revelations that have been brought to light over the last couple of days with their continued development of a nuclear program, and you put all those together, and it paints a picture of ... a pattern of deception," added Whitman. A confrontation between Israel and Iran is looming large. The Israelis say they will attack Iran to prevent them from developing a nuke. The Iranian government says they'll be sorry if they do.

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Tuesday - 09/29/2009, 11:32am EDT

Iran Accused of Meddling

Is Iran piping it's dangerous explosively formed penetrator improvised explosive devices into Afghanistan? There appears to be some evidence of Iranian signatures on some of the devices that have been found. In fact, Afghan National Police seized a stockpile of Iranian-made weapons in the western Afghan city of Herat. Authorities say the Hezbollah linked al-Quds force is trying to destabilize Afghanistan. The weapons are reportedly being shipped across the Iranian border into southern Afghanistan.

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Monday - 09/14/2009, 12:06pm EDT

Three American hikers arrested in Iran

Swiss diplomats are pressing their Iranian counter-parts to find out more about three American hikers who arrested in Iran. A Swiss government spokeswoman told the Associated Press "Our embassy in Tehran is in contact with the Iranian Foreign Ministry and is trying to get a confirmation of the situation," The Americans had traveled with a companion to Turkey, then entered Iraq on Tuesday through the border crossing at Zakho and traveled to Sulaimaniyah, according to the Kurdish regional government, but in a twist that still is not clear, they somehow were arrested by Iranian police and jailed.

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Tuesday - 08/04/2009, 11:28am EDT

Sanctions to Blame

For the second time this month an Iranian air plane has crashed, killing passengers on board. The latest carrying 153 passengers and crew skidded off the runway and crashed Friday while landing in northeast Iran. 17 were killed. On July 15, an Iranian passenger plane crashed soon after take off, killing 168 people aboard. Experts say the crashes are a direct result of international sanctions. State-run airlines are low on cash and maintenance has suffered.

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Friday - 07/24/2009, 08:06pm EDT

Tough Talk from Iran

The commander of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps General Mohammad Ali Ja'fari said at a news conference that Iran is prepared to protect it self against Israeli attacks. Ja'fari said, "the entire territory of Israel will be within the range of our missiles and the IRGC has no restriction for producing ground-to-ground rockets with an appropriate range to target Israel." The IRGC commander added that "Israel might be able to hit a number of our missiles but it can do nothing about a massive missile attack."

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Tuesday - 07/28/2009, 07:46pm EDT
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