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Will changing IT terminology make your computers safer?

Changing Internet terminology may help to protect your computers.

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Tuesday - 12/13/2011, 07:46am EST

Library of Congress to receive entire Twitter archive

For the past year, the Library of Congress has been working with Twitter in a transfer of the company's entire electronic data set. Library's digital director sees this as a "unique record of our time."

Tags: Library of Congress , NARA , Twitter , technology , data , Federal Drive , information sharing

Tuesday - 12/06/2011, 01:51pm EST

Adobe more vulnerable to cyber attacks than Microsoft, report says

In June 2011 alone, Adobe software received more than 14,000 attacks, compared to only 1,500 attacks on Microsoft products.

Tags: Adobe , cybersecurity , Cybersecurity Update , technology ,

Wednesday - 11/30/2011, 07:24am EST

Dempsey: U.S. under daily cyber attacks

Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, calls for "whole government" approach to dealing with online threat.

Tags: cybersecurity , Cybersecurity Update , Federal Drive , DoD , Martin Dempsey , technology

Tuesday - 11/29/2011, 07:10am EST

Illinois water pump shutdown not a cyber attack, FBI says

After an investigation by the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI, officials determined that Russian hackers did not disable an Illinois water pump.

Tags: cybersecuirty , Cybersecurity Update , Federal Drive , DHS , FBI , technology

Wednesday - 11/23/2011, 07:37am EST

AT&T says hackers tried to access mobile customer accounts

Telecommunications giant AT&T reported that hackers attempted to break into mobile customers' accounts.

Tags: cybersecurity , Cybersecurity Update , Federal Drive , Telecommunication , AT&T

Tuesday - 11/22/2011, 08:01am EST

Will next Pearl Harbor occur in cyberspace?

Reid adds cybersecurity to 2012 Senate agenda. Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee leaders applaud importance placed on cybersecurity.

Tags: Harry Reid , Joe Lieberman , Leon Panetta , Susan Collins , Tom Carper , cybersecurity , Cybersecurity Update ,

Thursday - 11/17/2011, 08:37am EST

Internet companies cry 'censorship' over legislation

Internet giants Google, Yahoo and Facebook have joined other Web companies in opposing the Stop Online Piracy Act and the PROTECT IP Act.

Tags: cybersecuirty , cybersecuirty update , Federal Drive ,

Wednesday - 11/16/2011, 08:59am EST

GPO launches new app to grow digital operations

GPO's Chief Technology Officer Ric Davis talks about launching the agency's first mobile app. Users will be able to access information about members of Congress on their mobile devices.

Tags: Ric Davis , GPO , information technology , app , Fdys , mobile app , Federal Drive

Tuesday - 11/15/2011, 08:57am EST

Which agency has the most read-able website?

Fergal McGovern, Visible Thread's CEO, talks about which government agency websites do a good job of relating complex information in a clear way.

Tags: Fergal McGovern , Visible Thread , BLS , CDC , USGS , NCI , Federal Railroad Administration , Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation , Federal Drive

Monday - 11/14/2011, 08:54am EST
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