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AFCEA Answers - Cloud Computing

This AFCEA Answers episode investigates current trends in cloud computing in government and industry. Hear what US Navy CIO Terry Halverson has to say about cloud computing in the US Navy.

Tags: AFCEA , AFCEA Answers , Cloud computing , HP , Max Cacas , Terry Halvorsen , Henry Fleischmann , Ruchi Bhargava

Tuesday - 07/16/2013, 12:50pm EDT

AFCEA Answers - Big Data Part 2

In part two of our look at Big Data, AFCEA Answers explores how the Defense Department is coping with gathering, storing, and analyzing the huge datasets from the growing universe of sensors available to the warfighter. Progress is being made in the five "V's": volume, velocity, variety, veracity, and value, but more work needs to be done, creating potentially profitable business opportunities for innovative firms in the IT industry.

Tags: Technology , AFCEA Answers , Hewlett-Packard , Brian Weiss , Dan Doney , Joe Opdahl

Tuesday - 09/10/2013, 05:03pm EDT

Government Mobility: Creating a Lean, Modern, and Accessible Government

Government professionals are adopting mobile devices to enhance telework, improve communications, boost productivity and service their customers with greater ease. This discussion explores how agencies are managing costs, accessibility, and security requirements for mobile devices as well as discusses the current state of data privacy and steps agencies are taking to protect sensitive data and citizens' rights to privacy.

Tags: Technology , mobility , Microsoft , Danette Campbell , Joe Klimavicz , CAPT Michael Dickey , Sean Siler , Jason Kimrey ,

Tuesday - 01/14/2014, 12:47pm EST

Intel warns 3Q revenue will drop on PC weakness

Tags: Technology ,

Friday - 09/07/2012, 04:27pm EDT

Developing your business

Consultants Bill Howard and Bruce Jenkins join host Mark Amtower to talk about networking and how to market your company.
May 14, 2012

Tags: Acquisition , contracting , Ft. Meade , business development , BBI , Maryland Marketing Meeting , Bruce Jenkins , Bill Howard , Mark Amtower , Amtower Off Center

Monday - 05/14/2012, 11:58pm EDT

Awards recognize top STEM students

Tuesday night in Washington, 40 of the smartest, STEM-oriented American kids in in the whole country were honored.

Tags: Carlos Contreras , Technology , STEM , education , Federal Drive

Wednesday - 03/14/2012, 09:15am EDT

Work is Something You Do, Not Somewhere You Go: The Continued Case for Teleworking

The panel will discuss, the evolving perspectives and practices of telework within the federal government and FedScoop's 2011 Telework survey and their recent study titled Telework 2011. Federal Agencies are looking at telework as a way to lower the cost of government, attract and retain top talent, enable emergency readiness plans, decrease their carbon footprint and take advantage of technology improvements to work more efficiently.

Tags: Technology , telework , HP , Danette Campbell , Nigel Ballard , Christina Morrison

Tuesday - 11/29/2011, 03:52pm EST

O'Reilly Media Brings Gov 2.0 Expo/Summit to DC

Tim O'Reilly
O'Reilly Media
August 24th, 2009

Tags: contracting , Amtower , Tim O'Reilly , O'Reilly Media , Gov 2.0 , Adobe , Juniper Networks , Yahoo , AOL , Verizon

Monday - 08/24/2009, 09:31am EDT

For telework and COOP, GSA leads the way

Officials are still keeping a wary eye on the possibility of a new spike in the number of H1N1 swine flu cases across the country. The chance that large numbers of people could get sick concerns those tasked with keeping the Federal Government up and running. One local group which promotes teleworking is out with a new study on whether or not the government is ready.

Tags: management , telework , Telework Exchange , Nigel Ballard , Josh Sawislak , GSA , Max Cacas

Tuesday - 12/08/2009, 07:01am EST

Government still faces numerous teleworking challenges

A new survey from FedScoop shows that the federal government is still really lacking when compared to the private sector in terms of empowering employees to telework.

Tags: pay and benefits , Technology , teleworking , telecommuting , FedScoop , Goldy Kamali , Nigel Ballard , Dorothy Ramienski , DorobekInsider

Wednesday - 06/16/2010, 04:11pm EDT
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