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Monday federal headlines - October 13, 2014

The Federal Headlines is a daily compilation of the stories you hear discussed on Federal News Radio each day. It is designed to give readers more information about the stories heard on the radio. In today's news, the State Department gets rid of transgender exclusion from its largest health program, U.S. and coalition forces gain access to a Turkish base near Syria, and the Army War College revokes Sen. John Walsh's (D-Mont.) master's degree thesis.

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Monday - 10/13/2014, 08:26am EDT

Roger Zakheim, Counsel, Covington and Burling

The White House wants $60 billion for the Pentagon's overseas contingency operations in fiscal 2015. Defense News reports the President's OCO budget has an extra $5 billion request for a new counterterrorism fund, too. Over the next few days, Capitol Hill will host a number of defense officials to make their cases for some specific programs. Roger Zakheim is counsel for Covington and Burling, and former deputy staff director of the House Armed Services Committee. He wrote about the relationship between the White House and Congress when it comes to defense budget planning. He shared his thoughts on In Depth with Francis Rose.

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Thursday - 06/26/2014, 04:11pm EDT

Belva Martin, Government Accountability Office

A group of foreign nationals working on one of NASA's major projects found a way to choose their own security clearances to gain access to sensitive technologies. The way they did it was pretty simple. NASA just let them do it. Belva Martin is director of Acquisition and Sourcing Management Issues at the Government Accountability Office. In a new GAO report, she looks at NASA's supply chain security. She shared a few ways the agency can tighten up its grip on In Depth with Francis Rose.

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Thursday - 06/26/2014, 04:13pm EDT

Jeff Neal, Senior Vice President, ICF International

The Homeland Security Department fires more of its employees than any other agency. Last year DHS dropped almost 1 percent of its workforce. The Federal Times reports the government-wide average is about half that. Jeff Neal is senior vice president of ICF International and former Chief Human Capital Officer at the Department of Homeland Security. He tells In Depth with Francis Rose those numbers might sound low, but they're actually pretty normal for the federal government. Read Neal's related column.

Tags: Jeff Neal , workforce , firings , DHS , ICF International , CHCO

Thursday - 06/26/2014, 04:16pm EDT

Jared Serbu, DoD Reporter, Federal News Radio

The head of the Army Corps of Engineers says the nationwide network of civil works infrastructure his agency manages is falling apart. The Corps doesn't have enough money coming from Congress to fix the problems, so it's looking for new ways to pay for the work it needs to do. Federal News Radio's DoD Reporter Jared Serbu has the details. Read Jared's related article.

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Thursday - 06/26/2014, 04:19pm EDT

Jason Miller, Executive Editor, Federal News Radio

The Homeland Security Department is putting up almost $100 million to fund the next generation of cybersecurity technologies. DHS issued a broad agency announcement that lists the first four areas in which DHS wants to know the art of the possible. Doug Maughan, director of the DHS Science and Technology Directorate's cybersecurity division, tells Federal News Radio Executive Editor Jason Miller about the initial set of cybersecurity research areas. Read Jason's related article.

Tags: Jason Miller , DHS , Doug Maughan , Cybersecurity , Technology , R&D

Thursday - 06/26/2014, 04:22pm EDT

Anil Karmel, CEO, C2 Labs, Inc.

The next step for many Federal agencies moving to the cloud is a brokerage model. Some agencies are trying it out; some agencies are already seeing results and savings. Anil Karmel set up a cloud brokerage model when he was deputy chief technology officer at the National Nuclear Security Administration. He's now founder and CEO of C2 Labs, Inc. He explained how cloud brokerage models can work best for federal agencies In Depth with Francis Rose.

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Thursday - 06/26/2014, 04:08pm EDT

David Patterson, N12 Technologies

The Army gears up for its first large-scale financial audit.

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Friday - 03/21/2014, 04:28pm EDT

Tammy Flanagan, senior benefits director, National Institute of Transition Planning

OPM wants to bring your retirement plans into the 21st century.

Tags: OPM , Tammy Flanagan , retirement , IT modernization , National Institute of Transition Planning

Friday - 03/21/2014, 04:40pm EDT

Bill Dougan, president, National Federation of Federal Employees

Re-learning how to talk can improve your agency's labor-union relationships.

Tags: Bill Dougan , labor unions , National Federation of Federal Employees , collaboration

Friday - 03/21/2014, 04:48pm EDT
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