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Denise Turner Roth, Acting Administrator, GSA

Denise Turner Roth is the acting administrator of the General Services Administraton. President Obama proposes to make her the permanent administrator. In an exclusive interview, she tells In Depth with Francis Rose about her priorities for the agency if she's confirmed and how she and her team decided what those priorities should be.

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Friday - 05/22/2015, 05:17pm EDT

Tom Shoop, Editor in Chief, Government Executive

Government addresses 37 percent of the 440 areas of overlap the Government Accountability Office identified in the last five years. And new editions of government waste books from Rep. Steve Russell (R-Okla.) and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) suggest agencies could spend less time on catfish inspections and bomb-sniffing elephants and more time on new technology and shared services. Tom Shoop, editor-in-chief at Government Executive magazine, tells In Depth with Francis Rose about four ways to redesign the Executive Branch.

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Friday - 05/22/2015, 04:53pm EDT

John Koskinen, Commissioner, Internal Revenue Service

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration finds the Internal Revenue Service's changes to its exempt organizations unit should prevent another scandal like the one that hit the agency almost two years ago. John Koskinen, commissioner of the IRS, tells In Depth with Francis Rose why another scandal couldn't happen again.

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Friday - 05/22/2015, 04:50pm EDT

Dan Goure, Vice President, Lexington Institute

The average rate of return for companies in the defense market is lower than any other development or manufacturing space. And there are few other incentives for companies to join the market. On In Depth with Francis Rose, Dan Goure, vice president of the Lexington Institute, says vendors don't want to get involved in a defense market that's more complicated and complex than ever.

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Thursday - 05/21/2015, 04:13pm EDT

Mia Beers, Humanitarian Policy and Global Engagement Division, USAID

The number of Ebola cases reaches its peak in Liberia in September, with 300 new cases a week. By December, they were down to 30 a week. Mia Beers is a leader of the U.S. Ebola Disaster Assistance Response Team and director of the Humanitarian Policy and Global Engagement Division at USAID. She led 40 people from the agency, and she coordinated the work of four other federal agencies to train health care workers, set up laboratories and do "contact tracing" to find people who came into contact with the disease. Beers is a finalist for a Service to America medal in the national security and international affairs category. She tells In Depth with Francis Rose about her strategy in West Africa.

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Thursday - 05/21/2015, 04:28pm EDT

Valerie Melvin, Director of Information Management, GAO

Most agencies are doing a better job of managing their government records. Twenty-four agencies have seven requirements to improve record management. It's part of a directive the National Archives and Records Administration and Office of Management and Budget issued back in 2012. But the Government Accountability Office says five agencies have more work to do. On In Depth with Francis Rose, Valerie Melvin, director of information management and technology resources issues at the GAO, says some agencies didn't think the requirements were mandatory.

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Thursday - 05/21/2015, 04:18pm EDT

Larry Allen, President, Allen Federal Business Partners

The Veterans Affairs Department acquisition official Jan Frye alleges millions of dollars of improper spending at VA through the use of purchase cards and other problems. The response from Secretary Robert McDonald is that Mr. Frye now knows what work remains for him to fix. Larry Allen, president of Allen Federal Business Partners, talks to In Depth with Francis Rose, about the purchase cards and whether they're actually a problem.

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Thursday - 05/21/2015, 04:15pm EDT

Bill Welch, Partner, McMahon, Welch and Learned

The Internal Revenue Service pulls the plug on a contract with TaxSlayer, after the IRS realizes the proposal is non-compliant. The agency reopens the competition, and TaxSlayer's competitor wins this time. But the IRS is concerned about the transition and cancels the procurement. Bill Welch, a partner with McMahon, Welch and Learned, tells In Depth with Francis Rose, what lessons contractors can learn from this particular case.

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Thursday - 05/21/2015, 04:10pm EDT

Kevin Plexico, Vice President for Research, Deltek

Contract spending trends steadily downward over the past three years, thanks to years of budget cuts and sequestration. Kevin Plexico, vice president of research at Deltek, is looking at whether that trend will continue. On In Depth with Francis Rose, he explains what challenges the budget might create next fiscal year.

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Thursday - 05/21/2015, 04:07pm EDT

Sharla Rausch, Former Deputy Director, Office of National Labs, DHS

Homeland Security Department Secretary Jeh Johnson says his agency can't move forward unless it stops talking about low morale. Sharla Rausch, chair of the Women in Homeland Security STEM Committee, is former deputy director of the Office of National Laboratories for DHS. When she was at the agency, she told her colleagues, "It all boils down to people." But in a piece for Security Debrief, she says rearranging a few of those words more accurately describes how federal employees are feeling today and not in a good way. She tells In Depth with Francis Rose why national security boils down to understanding your employees.

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Tuesday - 05/19/2015, 04:55pm EDT
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