11:45 am, October 24, 2014

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Jason Miller, Executive Editor, Federal News Radio

Your health care premiums are going up once again by 3.8 percent on average. That's less of an increase than what you saw in 2014, and well below industry average. Federal News Radio's Executive Editor Jason Miller tells In Depth with Francis Rose about some of the changes to your 2015 health care coverage.

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Tuesday - 10/07/2014, 04:33pm EDT

Thursday federal headlines - October 9, 2014

The Federal Headlines is a daily compilation of the stories you hear discussed on Federal News Radio each day. It is designed to give readers more information about the stories heard on the radio. In today's news, the Obama administration unveils a new version of, the federal budget deficit shrinks to $486 billion and two congressmen say they want to look into moving the Secret Service out of the Homeland Security Department.

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Thursday - 10/09/2014, 08:05am EDT

Andy Ozment, Office of Cybersecurity and Communications, DHS

The Homeland Security Department has new orders from the Office of Management and Budget to scan certain agency networks. That's on top of a set of cyber initiatives DHS is working on, which is already pretty long. Andy Ozment, assistant secretary of the Office of Cybersecurity and Communications in the Homeland Security Department, tells Federal News Radio Executive Editor Jason Miller how DHS will accomplish all of these cyber goals to make federal networks safer.

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Wednesday - 10/08/2014, 05:12pm EDT

Beth Asch, Senior Economist, RAND Corporation

A pay freeze can force almost 10 percent of your agency's workforce out the door. The RAND Corporation says a permanent three year pay freeze led to a 7 percent decline in the ranks of the General Schedule. Beth Asch is a senior economist at the RAND Corporation. She joined Francis Rose on In Depth to discuss the impact of pay freezes on federal employee retention.

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Wednesday - 10/08/2014, 04:46pm EDT

Emily Kopp, Reporter, Federal News Radio

The first data from the latest Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey is out. The data tracks responses from millennials, and there are some surprising similarities and differences from the rest of your agency's workforce. Federal News Radio Reporter Emily Kopp reviewed the data. She tells In Depth with Francis Rose why the data seems to show millennials aren't as different from the rest of your employees as you might think.

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Wednesday - 10/08/2014, 04:40pm EDT

Dan Gordon, George Washington University Law School

The next steps in defense acquisition reform may come from the Senate Homeland Security Committee. Its Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations is asking experts from all part of the defense acquisition community to tell them where the committee should go next to streamline defense acquisition. Dan Gordon is contributing to that effort. He is a Senior Adviser to the Government Procurement Law Program at George Washington University Law School and former Administrator for Federal Procurement Policy. He spoke with Francis Rose on In Depth about the committee's goals.

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Wednesday - 10/08/2014, 04:32pm EDT

Jared Serbu, DoD Reporter, Federal News Radio

DoD and DHS acquisition officials say they're making a concerted effort to address a criticism that's been at the center of decades' worth of GAO reports and blue ribbon panels: The government puts off the testing of its new systems until after it's already agreed to buy them. Federal News Radio DoD reporter Jared Serbu has the details.

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Tuesday - 10/07/2014, 04:30pm EDT

Rebecca Gambler, Homeland Security & Justice Issues Director, GAO

The drone fleet at Customs and Border Protection isn't big, but the law states that very strict oversight from the Homeland Security Department and CBP is important. Rebecca Gambler is director of Homeland Security and Justice Issues at the Government Accountability Office. On In Depth with Francis Rose, she said Congress mandated a look at CBP's drone program.

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Tuesday - 10/07/2014, 04:13pm EDT

Virginia Hill, National President, Young Government Leaders

The results of the latest Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey should be coming soon, and experts expect the trends we've seen over the last few years to continue this year. One of those trends is falling morale among younger, newer federal employees. Virginia Hill is national president of Young Government Leaders. On In Depth with Francis Rose, she offered ways agencies can try to keep up morale among their youngest employees.

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Tuesday - 10/07/2014, 04:10pm EDT

Larry Allen, President, Allen Federal Business Partners

Your agency's go-to expert on acquistion policy isn't where he or she should be. That's according to Larry Allen -- he's President of Allen Federal Business Partners and publisher of the Week Ahead newsletter. On In Depth with Francis Rose, he said an over reliance on contractors causes agencies to forget important rules for acquisition.

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Tuesday - 10/07/2014, 04:23pm EDT
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