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Putting IT reform into action

Jaime Gracia, industry co-chair of the Better Government IT Working Group, and President and CEO of Seville Government Consulting, discusses how the working group will translate its findings into action.

Tags: Jaime Gracia , Better Government IT Working Group , technology , best practices ,

Thursday - 09/29/2011, 06:50pm EDT

Can feds continue to bounce back?

McManus explains the ways feds are showing resilience and areas that satisfaction could use a boost.

Tags: Tim McManus , Partnership for Public Service , management , workforce , OPM

Thursday - 09/29/2011, 06:24pm EDT

Government downsizing: 1990s vs. now

Sally Katzen, former deputy director for management and now a Senior Advisor at the Podesta Group, explains the differences between what agencies must deal with now and form the time she worked at OMB.

Tags: Sally Katzen , OMB , podesta group , management , budget , Bill Clinton ,

Thursday - 09/29/2011, 05:30pm EDT

Wartime Contracting Commission shutters this week

The congressionally-chartered commission will shut down at the close of business on Friday after three years, 25 hearings, and eight reports to Congress.

Tags: Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq and Afgh , contracting , acquisition , DoD Report

Thursday - 09/29/2011, 06:04pm EDT

NIST publishes wireless cybersecurity best practices

NIST has four new publications on improving cybersecurity.

Tags: Cybersecurity Update , technology , NIST ,

Thursday - 09/29/2011, 06:02pm EDT

In wake of Census sleepers, how can fed managers approach embarrassing conversations?

Deciding how to communicate sensitive information to your organization is tricky. Tim Barnhart, president of Federal Management Partners, discusses how leaders should think about conversations or memos about potentially embarrassing subjects.

Tags: Tim Barnhart , Federal Management Partners , management , Census , Washington Post ,

Thursday - 09/29/2011, 05:09pm EDT

Optimism from a near-shutdown?

There will not be a government shutdown over the 2011 budget any time soon, but the near shutdown was a fight almost every inch of the way. But some feds are taking a more optimistic view.

Tags: Tom Shoop , Government Executive , Congress , budget , shutdown

Tuesday - 09/27/2011, 06:27pm EDT

Russia blaming U.S., Israel for Stuxnet

Many cyber experts think Israel was behind the malware, possibly with some help from the U.S. But Rogachyov's comments were the first official statement from Russia blaming the US and Israel.

Tags: Cybersecurity Update , technology , Stuxnet , Russia ,

Tuesday - 09/27/2011, 05:17pm EDT

In shutdown, what contractors should do

Congress narrowly avoided a government shutdown for now. But chances are we will be back to this same place next month, as the continuing resolution passed by Senate on Monday night lasts through Nov. 18. If a shutdown does occur, what should a government contractor do?

Tags: Rich Wilkinson , Watkins Meegan , contracting , shutdown , budget , Congress ,

Tuesday - 09/27/2011, 05:57pm EDT

Senate Approps wants DoD to use commercial batteries

The committee says the battery issue threatens battlefield effectiveness.

Tags: DoD Report , Army , Next Gov , Senate Appropriations Committee ,

Tuesday - 09/27/2011, 05:20pm EDT
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