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Jared Serbu, DoD Reporter, Federal News Radio

The Department of Veterans Affairs is out with a new procurement to fix its patient scheduling system -- the one it's been using since 1986 -- and the one that staffers used to manipulate data on patient waiting times in Phoenix and in several other locations across the country. VA wants to buy a commercial off-the-shelf solution to do the job, but it's estimating it'll cost up to $700 million. Federal News Radio DoD Reporter Jared Serbu tells In Depth with Francis Rose why in this week's edition of Inside the Reporter's Notebook.

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Friday - 11/21/2014, 04:04pm EST

Tom Shoop, Editor in Chief, Government Executive

Six years into his presidency, Barack Obama will meet for the first time with Senior Executive Service leaders. The Dec. 9 event is open on a first-come, first-serve basis to SES employees and other senior-level federal managers. Carol Bonosaro, the president of the Senior Executives Association, says "His failure to meet with career SES has been a strategic omission until now." Tom Shoop, editor-in-chief at Government Executive magazine, tells In Depth with Francis Rose what the event means for participants.

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Friday - 11/21/2014, 04:02pm EST

Dan Gordon, George Washington University Law School

Bid protests by vendors are up, but the number of cases the Government Accountability Office upholds is down by 4 percent. Dan Gordon, associate dean for government procurement law studies at George Washington University and former administrator of Federal Procurement Policy, tells In Depth with Francis Rose how you should understand the mixed messages.

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Friday - 11/21/2014, 03:54pm EST

Federal News Countdown: Containing GOP outrage, Upside of a shutdown

Aileen Black and Gigi Schumm, founding partners of Accelerated Government Strategies and hosts of Women of Washington on Federal News Radio, counted down the top federal stories of the week with Francis Rose.

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Friday - 11/21/2014, 05:51pm EST

Friday federal headlines - November 21, 2014

The Federal Headlines is a daily compilation of the stories you hear discussed on Federal News Radio each day. It is designed to give readers more information about the stories heard on the radio. In today's news, the Justice Department has a record year for money collected in civil and criminal cases, the Merit Systems Protection Board upholds the firing of the director of the Veterans Affairs Alabama health care system and a petition to make Dec. 26 a federal holiday this year comes up short.

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Friday - 11/21/2014, 10:48am EST

Thursday federal headlines - November 20, 2014

The Federal Headlines is a daily compilation of the stories you hear discussed on Federal News Radio each day. It is designed to give readers more information about the stories heard on the radio. In today's news, members of the Senior Executive Service get an invitation to meet with President Obama in person, federal government and critical infrastructure operators in the private sector have a new cybersecurity challenge and the Labor Department cites a shipyard in Norfolk for health and safety violations.

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Thursday - 11/20/2014, 08:09am EST

Emily Kopp, Reporter, Federal News Radio

The first case of a fired Senior Executive Service member at the Department of Veterans Affairs has a decision from the Merit Systems Protection Board. Federal News Radio's Emily Kopp tells In Depth with Francis Rose that SESer isn't an SESer any more.

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Thursday - 11/20/2014, 04:19pm EST

Jason Miller, Executive Editor, Federal News Radio

Clear evidence is in: the agile software development concept is leading to more successful federal technology projects. The Office of Management and Budget issued a memo calling for modular project development in 2012, and it's been monitoring its uptake since. Lisa Schlosser is acting federal chief information officer. Mikey Dickerson is the director of the U.S. Digital Service and the deputy federal chief information officer. Haley Van Dyck is a member of the Digital Services Team. All three of them sat down with Federal News Radio Executive Editor Jason Miller to discuss the progress in using the agile concept commonly known as DevOps.

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Thursday - 11/20/2014, 03:50pm EST

Jared Serbu, DoD Reporter, Federal News Radio

The Pentagon will work to cut its administrative costs, but this time around, officials would like to do it much more surgically than they have in the past. Federal News Radio DoD Reporter Jared Serbu has more on DoD's plans for a "vertically integrated" approach to reductions at the Pentagon and it agencies.

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Thursday - 11/20/2014, 03:05pm EST

Larry Allen, President, Allen Federal Business Partners

The General Services Administration is tightening up its Integrated Technology Service, the organization that manages all of the agency's IT contracts. The news comes on the heels of GSA's plans to consolidate some of its largest professional services contracts, too. Larry Allen is president of Allen Federal Business Partners and author of the Week Ahead newsletter. On In Depth with Francis Rose, he said all of this consolidation feels like déjà vu all over again.

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Thursday - 11/20/2014, 03:03pm EST
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