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Connected Government: How to Build and Procure Network Services for the Future

As technology rapidly changes, government contracts become outdated and might not match the purpose they were originally designed to serve.

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Tuesday - 06/17/2014, 01:17pm EDT

Industry Chatter: Tony Bardo

Tony Bardo, assistant vice president for government solutions at Hughes, joins Francis Rose.

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Thursday - 09/05/2013, 07:22pm EDT

Managed broadband services

Host John Gilroy will talk cloud computing with Tony Bardo, assitant vice president for Government Solutions at Hughes.
January 10, 2012

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Tuesday - 01/10/2012, 11:46pm EST

Are your agency networks prepared for a crisis?

Are your agency networks prepared for a crisis? When a disaster strikes, terrestrial networks are most vulnerable to failure—and backing them up with other terrestrial technology means they can all fail. Only a true alternate path technology can ensure connectivity—satellite. Hughes Inter-Government Crisis Network, or IGCN, operates over SPACEWAY® 3—the world's first satellite with onboard switching and routing. IGCN is an inter-governmental network that is not subject to terrestrial failures when a disaster strikes. Private and secure, IGCN enables agencies to share critical information and coordinate decision-making rapidly and effectively during an emergency.

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Monday - 03/01/2010, 10:23am EST

Does your government agency have branch offices in remote locations?

Does your government agency have branch offices in remote locations? If so, those areas may not have the land-based infrastructure necessary for reliable, high-speed communications. Hughes can help. Hughes satellite broadband technology provides comprehensive network coverage throughout North America—even in the most remote areas. With satellite broadband, government agencies in remote locations can improve the security and reliability of their communications networks while increasing the effectiveness of government operations and key citizen services such as emergency communications, telework, distance learning, and telemedicine.

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Monday - 03/01/2010, 10:21am EST

How can agencies provide cost-effective educational opportunities to a nation-wide workforce?

A federal agency's greatest asset is the knowledge and expertise of its employees. But with travel and training budgets limited throughout government, how can agencies provide cost-effective educational opportunities to a nation-wide workforce? Hughes brings the classroom to the student with distance learning via satellite broadband technology. Distance learning solutions from Hughes deliver training cost-effectively, where and when it is needed. Incorporating fully interactive HD video and audio technology, Hughes distance learning solutions can be multicast to classrooms and employees across the country, providing the on-line education and training needed to sustain a world-class workforce.

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Monday - 03/01/2010, 10:18am EST

Was your agency able to benefit from a robust telework program

When winter storms forced DC-based federal agencies to close, was your agency able to benefit from a robust telework program? Federal telework programs save money, reduce greenhouse emissions, and improve Continuity of Operations planning; yet only about five percent of the federal workforce teleworks. Agencies cite IT funding and security as key barriers to participating in telework programs. Hughes has the answer—managed network services. With a managed network services approach, a single provider can fully integrate an agency's network vendors and all aspects of service, maintenance, and billing—saving money, enhancing network security, as well as improving the quality and reliability of service.

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Monday - 03/01/2010, 10:16am EST

How would your agency operations be impacted if the network went down for a few hours?

How would your agency operations be impacted if the network went down for a few hours? How about for a few days? Hughes understands the network simply cannot go down—it is not an option. Your agency's ability to share information—internally, with other agencies, and with the public—depends upon a secure, resilient network that keeps operating even when disaster strikes. That means back-up networks must be path-diverse. Relying on a second terrestrial network that can also fail is not enough. Hughes satellite broadband communications provide a true, alternate path that complements an agency's primary land-based network and ensures continuity of operations regardless of circumstances on the ground.

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Monday - 03/15/2010, 04:23pm EDT

What will your agency's communications networks look like in five years?

What will your agency's communications networks look like in five years? Now is the time to decide. In the coming months, federal agencies will be making the move from FTS2001 to the Networx Program. Will your agency transition to Networx with a like-for-like approach…or will it seize the opportunity and transform its networks to 21st century capabilities? Hughes offers agencies a cost-effective migration path to the future network today-- with resilient, path-diverse satellite solutions that are critical for emergency preparedness and COOP planning; ensuring broadband connectivity everywhere, even in remote locations; enabling secure, managed networks; and much more.

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Friday - 02/26/2010, 04:05pm EST

Your Path Diverse Government Network

The Federal Broadband Minute, provided by Hughes. Is your network ready to perform during a disaster? Unless your primary network is backed-up by a path diverse solution, the answer is "no." Hughes is here to help. Leveraging our Networx partnerships, our GSA Schedule, and the power of our managed services capabilities, Hughes offers what no other telecom provider can an affordable national managed broadband service, with both primary and back up capabilities. Hughes National Managed Broadband Service brings the convergence of voice, video, and data to your government network with bandwidth capacity tailored to fit your needs. With Hughes', agencies can securely meet network resiliency requirements for Continuity of Operations planning AND provide network support for teleworkers who may be called to respond remotely. Enable your government field office of the future today from Hughes.

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Monday - 05/09/2011, 11:59am EDT
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