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Iranian Plane Shot Down

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Tuesday - 03/17/2009, 07:04pm EDT

Gifts for Pakistan

The Pentagon say it will give Pakistan another ten-million dollars in military assistance. Spokesman Geoff Morrell says the U.S. is also sending military assets to the region. The goal he indicated was to help alleviate suffering. Along those lines, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said the United States was sending $110 million in emergency humanitarian aid to Pakistan as part of the administration's new hearts and minds strategy to turn people away from the Taliban.

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Thursday - 05/21/2009, 11:49am EDT

Mistaken Identity?

The Pentagon says U.S. troops didn't follow proper tactics and procedures during an air assault on Taliban fighters last month that's been linked to the deaths of a number of Afghan civilians. Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell says there were problems in the way "in which close air support was supposed to have been executed in this case." Morrell said it appears a B-1 bomber "had to break away from the target" for some time. He says there's no way to determine whether it had anything to do with the civilian casualties, but he says investigators determined that it was "one of the problems associated with how this all took place."

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Monday - 06/08/2009, 06:49pm EDT

Pentagon to Wikileaks: Take them down

The Pentagon is demanding that online whistle-blower WikiLeaks return its trove of tens of thousands of leaked U.S. government documents and delete them from its website and records. The Associated Press reports Pentagon press secretary Geoff Morrell didn't say what efforts the Defense Department might be able to take to compel Wikileaks to comply. He told a Pentagon press conference that, at this point, the Pentagon is asking Wikileaks "to do the right thing." Wikileaks posted nearly 77,000 classified military and other documents, mostly raw intelligence reports from Afghanistan, on its website July 25.

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Thursday - 08/05/2010, 08:36pm EDT