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Talkin' 'bout your generation

Teens who once thrilled to The Who's "My Generation" have entered the workforce, grown older and are, in many cases, high-ranking employees and managers. In other words, they are the old fogies they once railed against. "Federal Report" readers react to the office age-gap in this guest column.

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Thursday - 06/27/2013, 02:00am EDT

Generation whine?

They're entitled, narcissistic, "free spirits," who chafe at the confines of ordinary desk work. They grew up in the era of Little League trophies for everyone, are tied to their smartphones and live out much of their lives on Facebook. At least that's what some of you think about millennials. We're talking Generation Y in today's guest column. Even if you're not part of the under-30 crowd, we bet you have an opinion.

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Tuesday - 06/25/2013, 02:00am EDT

Millennials are worried about economy

While the correct name for twenty-somethings -- "Millennials" or "Generation Y" -- can be disputed, one thing is certain: they are worried about their future.

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Friday - 05/14/2010, 01:49am EDT

Generation Y has high debts, little savings

Soaring debts and minimal savings have jeopardized the economic security of Generation Y, according to a report from the public policy research group Demos.

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Friday - 04/23/2010, 10:32am EDT