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Peer to peer computer file sharing

Peer to peer computer file sharing may be coming to an end. Congressman Edolphus Towns plans to introduce a bill banning the use of peer-to-peer software on all government and contractor computers and networks. Possible information leaks about the electronics for the president's Marine One make such a ban necessary. Additionally, the GAO is calling for a more secure network to share digitized data. The Oversight and Government Reform Committee will continue hearings on this after Congress returns from its August recess.

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Monday - 08/10/2009, 10:38am EDT

National Archives and Records Administration

National Archives and Records Administration has a huge task ahead in storing data from the former and all current Administrations and making it searchable and retrievable. According to the Government Accountability Office, as of late April, only 3 percent of all presidential records from the Bush Administration have been saved into the Electronic Records Archive. NARA says they plan on ingesting the remainder of the records before the end of the year. GAO also noted that NARA's archival system has no back up. Archives says their contingency plan is under final review.

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Monday - 08/03/2009, 10:41am EDT

GAO: Untrained guards mean unprotected feds

Guards found sleeping through their shifts after taking medication, viewing adult Web sites on government computers, and allowing a baby to pass through an X-ray machine.

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Thursday - 07/09/2009, 07:23am EDT

Mexico's #1 crime problem: American guns

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Monday - 06/29/2009, 10:20am EDT

GAO on VA's 'enhanced use leases'

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Friday - 06/12/2009, 04:07pm EDT
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