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Answers to your long-term care insurance questions

Mary Lou McGuinness, director of care coordination for Long Term Care Partners, discusses who needs long-term care insurance and the policy options that are available.
August 6, 2012

Tags: pay and benefits , long term care insurance , Long Term Care Partners , Bob Leins , Tammy Flanagan , Mary Lou McGuinness , NITP , Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program

Monday - 08/06/2012, 06:20pm EDT

The "best of," part 2

Bob Leins and Tammy Flanagan discuss the "best of" subjects brought up during recent seminars.

Tags: Bob Leins , Tammy Flanagan , FSA , flexible spending accounts , pay & benefits , TSP , retirement , survivor benefits , best date to retire

Monday - 07/30/2012, 01:50pm EDT

FSAs to shrink under new health care law in 2013

Bob Leins and Tammy Flanagan discuss the "best of" subjects brought up during recent seminars.

Tags: Bob Leins , Tammy Flanagan , pay & benefits , annuity , retirement , survivor benefits , FSA , flexible spending accounts , TSP

Saturday - 07/28/2012, 10:10am EDT

Planning for your future

Certified financial planner Karen Schaeffer answers the best financial planning questions from recent NITP seminars.
July 16, 2012

Tags: pay and benefits , NITP , Karen Schaeffer , financial planning , Bob Leins , John Elliott , home mortgages , 529 funds , Roth TSP , life insurance ,

Monday - 07/16/2012, 07:06pm EDT

Putting together an estate plan

Estate planner Marc Levine tells you what to expect from your estate planning attorney and what your experience should be like.
July 9, 2012(Encore presentation September 24, 2012)

Tags: pay and benefits , Marc Levine , estate planning , Bob Leins , John Elliott , retirement ,

Monday - 07/09/2012, 07:18pm EDT

The Voluntary Contribution Program

Hosts Bob Leins and Tammy Flanagan discuss the Voluntary Contribution Program and its relation to both the Roth IRA and the Roth TSP.
June 25, 2012

Tags: pay and benefits , retirement , Voluntary Contribution Program , Roth IRA , Roth TSP , Bob Leins , Tammy Flanagan ,

Monday - 06/25/2012, 10:02pm EDT

Reducing the stress from debt

Certified financial planner Steve Lingle answers your questions about getting out of debt.
June 18, 2012(Encore presentation July 2, 2012)

Tags: Bob Leins , John Elliott , debt management , pay and benefits , Steve Lingle

Monday - 06/18/2012, 08:09pm EDT

Stress without distress

Host Bob Leins welcomes Patti Hudson, a health and fitness speaker, to the studio to discuss "Stress Without Distress."

Tags: Bob Leins , Patti Hudson , pay and benefits , workforce

Monday - 06/11/2012, 12:28pm EDT

Congressional inaction would raise everyone's taxes

Attorney Tom O'Rourke joins host Bob Leins to discuss the effects on your IRS bills if Congress does nothing to prevent the expiration this year of the Bush-era tax cuts and benefits.
June 4, 2012

Tags: pay and benefits , NITP , Bob Leins , tax cuts , Tom ORourke

Monday - 06/04/2012, 01:21pm EDT

Women's health and legal issues examined

Attorney Anne Sullivan and Dr. Pat Mann join hosts Tammy Flanagan and Ann Vincent to answer your questions on a variety of subjects.
May 21, 2012

Tags: Anne Sullivan , Dr. Pat Mann , Tammy Flanagan , Ann Vincent , NITP , pay and benefits

Monday - 05/21/2012, 07:39am EDT
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