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Feds as doomsday preppers

A popular cable TV show involves doomsday preppers. These people expect an economic collapse, because of war, weather or natural disaster, forcing everyone to fend for themselves. What's one group that has yet to be featured? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey asks. Federal workers, who face the very real dangers very soon.

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Wednesday - 08/21/2013, 02:00am EDT

The skeletons in our closets

Last week, we wrote about the government profiling chicken skeletons from China. Admittedly, the news flow is slow in August, but it was a legitimate story. So we asked why it happens, and what would you do with a pair of chicken skeletons from China. The results, says Senior Correspondent Mike Causey, are shocking for August.

Tags: mike causey , Customs and Border Protection , Workforce

Tuesday - 08/20/2013, 02:00am EDT

Time for feds to fight back? If so, how?

Tired of being a political punching bag? Sick of being the representative poster child for the overpaid, underworked, fireproof bloated bureaucracy? If so, should you fight back? And exactly how would that work, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey wants to know.

Tags: mike causey , Workforce , sequestration , pay and benefits , Congress

Monday - 08/19/2013, 02:00am EDT

Illegal chicken skeletons: What's in your job description?

So what would you do if somebody gave you a gift of a pair of Chinese chicken skeletons? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey asks. Do you put them on the mantle, use them as a centerpiece or quietly re-gift? What Uncle Sam does is check them for bugs and return them to the sender.

Tags: mike causey , Workforce , Customs and Border Protection

Friday - 08/16/2013, 02:00am EDT

More (or less) with less, the new normal?

Politicians keep pushing key federal agencies the ones that most touch the public to do more with less. But there are times when it appears politicians don't care if feds do less with less, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says.

Tags: mike causey , U.S. Postal Service , Social Security Administration , Internal Revenue Service

Thursday - 08/15/2013, 02:00am EDT

View from the top: Not so hot

When it comes to salaries, federal executives are somewhere between Wall Street and Wal-Mart. But a new study shows that government execs are unhappy and worried about the future for themselves and their agencies, according to Senior Correspondent Mike Causey.

Tags: mike causey , Workforce , SES , pay & benefits

Wednesday - 08/14/2013, 02:00am EDT

Washington D.C.: Land of the Brie, Home of the Knave

People in Washington, D.C., aren't always the friendliest, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says. Is that because the headquarters of most federal agencies are here? Is it because Congress is here? Did each state and each congressional district conspire to send us the 535 people they definitely don't want hanging around at home? (This column originally appeared July 8.)

Tags: mike causey , Workforce , Washington, D.C.

Tuesday - 08/13/2013, 02:00am EDT

Is your health plan on the sick list?

Is your federal health plan heading for the sick list? Could premiums go up and benefits be reduced in the future? That is very possible now that members of Congress and their law-writing staff members will be moving out of the cradle-to-grave FEHBP into state exchanges next year.

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Monday - 08/12/2013, 02:25am EDT

Is there life at your agency after you?

When our mothers told us we were precious and irreplaceable it was a warm and fuzzy feeling. But are you really one-of-a-kind at work? What's likely to happen to your organization, and the government in general, when you leave?

Tags: Workforce , budget , Reinventing Government , mike causey , Congress

Wednesday - 08/07/2013, 03:34pm EDT

Retiring soon? Welcome to 'Mission Improbable'

Planning to retire someday? Before you sail off into the golden years, here are some tips from recently retired feds: Don't do it! Check out Senior Correspondent Mike Causey's Federal Report for more.

Tags: Your Turn , mike causey , Workforce , pay and benefits , retirement

Wednesday - 08/07/2013, 02:00am EDT
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