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Commission reviews child safety during disasters

If a dirty bomb hit and your child was in school, where would you go to make sure they were safe? Commission on Children and Disasters Chairman Mark Shriver tells us about what they found.

Tags: Mark Shriver , Commission on Children and Disasters , national disaster , Suzanne Kubota

Tuesday - 11/16/2010, 09:41am EST

Deficit reduction to hit Pentagon in the pocket

In addition to cuts in federal pay and furloughs for government workers the commission also wants to roll back defense spending. Carl Conetta, Co-Director of the Project on Defense Alternatives, says we're on the right track with defense cuts.

Tags: DoD Report , deficit reduction commission , furloughs , budget cuts , defense spending , defense cuts , Project on Defense Alternatives , Carl Conetta

Tuesday - 11/16/2010, 09:40am EST

Tuesday Morning Federal Newscast - Nov. 16th

Lame-duck Congress weighs federal pay raises, OPM delays FEHBP database, and Counterterrorism is DOJ's biggest challenge.

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Tuesday - 11/16/2010, 08:50am EST

China hijacks 15% of internet, inluding military data

China hijacked fifteen percent of Internet traffic across the globe. Nobody noticed, except for some cybersecurity experts. They may have also had access to data from U.S. military, civilian organizations and those of other U.S. allies.

Tags: cybersecurity , cybersecurity threat , Internet , China , The Next Web , Hijacked , internet traffic , hackers , cyber attack , data breach

Tuesday - 11/16/2010, 08:30am EST

Former Comptroller General gives Boehner advice

Former Comptroller General David Walker has advice for presumed Rep. John Boehner (R-OH). Walker has already sent Boehner a letter about how to get the nation's fiscal house in order.

Tags: Congress , Congressional Spotlight , lame duck , lame duck session , John Boehner , David Walker , Comeback America Initiative ,

Monday - 11/15/2010, 11:06am EST

Secure ID by the government, for the government

Every federal employee is supposed to have a Secure ID card under HSPD-12, a Bush-era presidential directive. If an agency wants those cards made by another federal agency, there's only one choice: the GPO. GPO's Steve LeBlanc explains why.

Tags: HSPD-12 , homeland security , DHS , Steve LeBlanc , GPO , Government Printing Office , Suzanne Kubota , Technology , GSA , secure identity management

Monday - 11/15/2010, 10:56am EST

D.C. VA Medical Center hosts 'Ladies' Night'

The Washington D.C. VA Medical Center is hosting an evening of music, pampering and health information just for female veterans. We get details from the VA's Diane Phillips

Tags: DoD , DoD Report , VA , Ladies' Night , Ladies Night , Washington D.C. VA Medical Center , VA Medical Centers , health , health information , veterans health , Diane Phillips ,

Monday - 11/15/2010, 09:59am EST

Wounded veterans trained in cybersecurity

Raytheon and Cisco are joining up to expand the Wounded Warrior Project. The programs they are sponsoring make it easier for wounded servicemen and women to re-enter the workplace with the skills they need to become cybersecurity professionals.

Tags: cybersecurity , cybesecurity update , Raytheon , cisco , training , Wounded Warrior Project , veterans , development , Technology ,

Monday - 11/15/2010, 09:50am EST

Navy Federal Credit Union opens branch in Pentagon

The Navy Federal Credit Union is the biggest credit union in the country. Today, it'll open up it's first full-service branch inside the Pentagon.

Tags: DoD Report , Navy Federal Credit Union , Pentagon , Navy Federal , Washington Business Journal , management ,

Monday - 11/15/2010, 09:32am EST
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