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OPM: Thundersnow, human nature created traffic mess

The speed of Wednesday's snowstorm and the fact that some federal employees didn't heed the two-hour dismissal collided to form a "perfect storm" of gridlock on the roads, Office of Personnel Management Director John Berry tells Federal News Radio. Berry says he always makes decisions on the operating status of the government by considering the safety of federal employees and how to maintain operations of the federal government to the greatest extent possible.

Tags: pay and benefits , telework , snow , weather closings , OPM , John Berry , Suzanne Kubota

Thursday - 01/27/2011, 10:50am EST

Study: National security needs overhaul

The Project on National Security Reform studied the human capital program for national security personnel - and found that it doesn't exist. The report's primary finding was that national security teams function in silos within each agency rather than collaborating across all agencies and levels of government.

Tags: management , pay and benefits , hiring , national security personnel , PNSR , Nancy Bearg , William Navas, Geoff Davis , John Tierney , James Lochner , Meg Beasley ,

Thursday - 01/27/2011, 07:37pm EST

First Lady to observe how soldiers stay fit

First Lady Michelle Obama will learn about new soldier training at Ft. Jackson.

Tags: Michelle Obama , Army , DoD Report , health ,

Thursday - 01/27/2011, 11:34am EST

Plain writing award open for 2011

Sure, Johnny Fed can read, but if it's not written clearly, there's room for misunderstanding. The Center for Plain Language's Dr. Annetta Cheek, tells us about this year's awards for writing.

Tags: management , best practices , Center for Plain Language , Annetta Cheek

Thursday - 01/27/2011, 10:44am EST

Thursday Morning Federal Newscast - January 27th

Justice announces cuts, hiring freeze

Tags: newscast

Thursday - 01/27/2011, 09:31am EST

Cybercrime on the rise, and how to fight it

Many consumers neglect to take the necessary steps required to protect themselves from the dangers of cybercrime associated with their new prized-possessions and tech gadgets. We get advice from McAfee's Dave Marcus.

Tags: Cybersecurity Update , Cybersecurity , Technology , McAfee , Dave Marcus

Thursday - 01/27/2011, 09:30am EST

Air Force's Gorgon Stare drone "unsuitable"

The Air Force's hottest new surveillance aircraft is a little nearsighted. An internal Air Force report says the Gorgon Stare drone is not ready to be deployed.

Tags: Gorgon Stare , DoD Report , drone , Air Force , Defense

Wednesday - 01/26/2011, 10:40am EST

Budget work about to hit Congress

Congress is about to be confronted with the reality of funding your agency at new, theoretical levels. For how that might happen, we get details from The Hill's Bob Cusack.

Tags: Congress , FY 2011 , budget , The Hill , Bob Cusack , management , Suzanne Kubota

Wednesday - 01/26/2011, 10:31am EST

Afghan projects at risk

Poor planning and weak management are undermining the effort to build up the Afghan army and police while putting billions of U.S tax dollars at risk. We get details from Wartime Contracting Commission Co-chair Mike Thibault

Tags: contracting , Commission on Wartime Contracting , Mike Thibault , Oversight

Wednesday - 01/26/2011, 09:40am EST

Obama's State of the Union decoded

How did the president do last night in terms of getting his message across? We look at the rhetoric with AU's Robert Lehrman.

Tags: newsstand , State of the Union , rhetoric , American University , Robert Lehrman , Suzanne Kubota

Wednesday - 01/26/2011, 09:31am EST
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