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Armored underwear shipped to Afghanistan

A rise in the number of troops wounded from buried bombs in Afghanistan has the Pentagon experimenting with new forms of protection.

Tags: DoD Report , Pentagon , security , Kevlar

Tuesday - 04/19/2011, 10:40am EDT

Tuesday Morning Federal Newscast - April 19th

Tags: newscast

Tuesday - 04/19/2011, 09:44am EDT

CBP stopping bugs at the border

Moths, snails, longhorn beetles, leafhoppers, miner flies and mites have been stopped at the border - before they could do damage. We get details from the CBP's Linda Cullen.

Tags: DHS , CBP , USDA , Linda Cullen

Tuesday - 04/19/2011, 09:31am EDT

CBO: so many models, so little time

We learn just what the Congressional Budget Office is going through during the continuing budget battles on Capitol Hill from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities' Paul Van de Water.

Tags: CBO , Center on Budget and Policy Priorities , Paul Van de Water , budget , budget 2012 , budget 2011 , Suzanne Kubota

Tuesday - 04/19/2011, 09:08am EDT

Cybersecurity best practices include people

While most efforts at training on information security focus on what not to do, a new report recommends rewarding employees for keeping information secure.

Tags: Cybersecurity Update , cybersecurity , IBM Center for the Business of Government

Tuesday - 04/19/2011, 08:30am EDT

Partnership lowers the sky high cost of NextGen

As a public-private partnership, the NextGen Equipage Fund, LLC will bring substantial private-sector capital to overcome the investment barriers that have prevented many air carriers and other operators from investing in the NextGen technologies for their aircraft. ITT's John Kefaliotis explains.

Tags: NextGen , FAA , GPS , John Kefaliotis , ITT Corp. , Technology , Contracting

Monday - 04/18/2011, 10:41am EDT

Data deduplication grows as an IT priority

The technology is poised for takeoff in the very near-term, according to Bob Gourley, founder of

Tags: Technology , data deduplication , Bob Gourley , , Suzanne Kubota

Monday - 04/18/2011, 10:31am EDT

NASA works to make airplanes quieter and greener

Designs that may make airplanes greener and quieter for future generations are one step closer to reality. NASA's Richard Wahls explains.

Tags: Technology , Contracting , NASA , Richard Wahls , Subsonic Fixed Wing Project

Monday - 04/18/2011, 09:41am EDT

Lower orders drive up Defense program costs

The costs of weapons and communications systems are on the rise.

Tags: DoD Report , acquisition , JSF , Defense , budget 2012

Monday - 04/18/2011, 09:40am EDT

Hotbed of critical cyber thinking emerges

A UMBC research park emerges as front line of defense in Cyberwars.

Tags: Cybersecurity Update , cybersecurity , Contracting , BRAC

Monday - 04/18/2011, 09:30am EDT
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