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A Very Special Investment Option

If you are under the old Civil Service Retirement System have we got a deal for you! Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says there's the equivalent of a government-backed certificate of deposit that is paying 3.875 percent.

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Friday - 01/16/2009, 04:00am EST

Benefits and Annuities Under FERS and CSRS

Hosts Diana Veilleux and Kate Fulton will be joined by Tammy Flanagan, Senior Benefits Director of NITP, Inc., to discuss benefits and annuities under FERS and CSRS.

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Friday - 12/26/2008, 03:34am EST

Resetting Your Retirement Clock

Despite repeated warnings about a brain drain that will cripple government, Uncle Sam continues to keep on keeping on. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says, thanks to you, he thinks he knows what turned the tidal wave into a trickle.

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Friday - 01/30/2009, 04:00am EST

No Cure For the FERS Flu

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Thursday - 06/11/2009, 02:41pm EDT

Advice for FERS employees scared about retirement

Thanks to health care advances, retirees are living longer, healthier lives and retirement choices are limited by the ability to pay for them. Art Stein has some helpful advice.

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Friday - 10/23/2009, 02:30pm EDT

The benefit pendulum swings

Losing the "use-it or lose-it" sick leave mindset.

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Tuesday - 02/17/2009, 01:48pm EST

Benefits: Are We There Yet?

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Monday - 06/22/2009, 04:00am EDT

Is the honeymoon over?

Although most federal and postal unions supported President Barack Obama in the 2008 election, they are now asking Congress to protect them from a White House proposal to permanently trim take home pay, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says.

Tags: Mike Causey , Federal Report , pay and benefits , pay freeze , retirement , CSRS , supercommittee

Friday - 09/30/2011, 02:00am EDT

House subcommittee pushes forward GOP plan to repair USPS

A House subcommittee markup of a bill to address the Postal Service's financial problems broke down along partisan lines. Democrats accused Republicans of using this legislation to weaken labor provisions. Republicans said Democrats would prefer bailing out the agency rather than making it sustainable. The bill now goes to the full House Oversight and Governmental Reforms Committee.

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Thursday - 09/22/2011, 06:44am EDT

Feds facing diet paycheck

The plan to require feds to pay more for their pensions is a blow to your take-home pay, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says, but it could have been and may yet be a lot worse.

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Wednesday - 09/21/2011, 02:19am EDT
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