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Is Your Pension a Target?

Is your federal retirement program the bull's eye in a bigger target? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says January is traditionally the time when wild rumors circulate. Mostly nothing happens but this time, he says, keep one eye open... just in case.

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Wednesday - 01/27/2010, 04:00am EST

Your 2010 Lucky Numbers

January always means some new numbers for members of the federal family. Today Senior Correspondent Mike Causey talks about two of the most important numbers you need to know.

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Wednesday - 01/06/2010, 04:00am EST

Myth Busting the Defense Authorization Act

Join Mike for an hour-long conversation with Randy Erwin, the legislative director of the National Federation of Federal Employees. They'll talk about the phase-in of the Defense Authorization Act. They'll also tackle some internet myths that are circulating about what the changes will and won't do.
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Tags: pay and benefits , NSPS , Randy Erwin , Mike Causey

Wednesday - 12/30/2009, 12:00pm EST

So, Who Drew the Short Straw?

Do the new benefits approved for FERS employees give them a better deal than their older colleagues under the CSRS retirement plan? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey asked readers and he got an earful.

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Monday - 11/09/2009, 04:00am EST

End of NSPS and cure for FERS Flu included in Defense Authorization bill

The Defense Authorization bill could mean big changes for federal workers. The bill includes a cure for the FERS Flu, fix for the Dual Compensation Act and the end of NSPS.

Tags: Your Turn , Mike Causey , NSPS , NARFE

Wednesday - 10/21/2009, 06:20pm EDT

2009 The Year Of The Fed

With recession, pay cuts and growing unemployment times look tough but Mike Causey says that for federal workers 2009 may be the best year of their career.

Tags: Mike Causey , P&B , FERS flu , NSPS , 2010 Defense Authorization Bill

Friday - 10/09/2009, 04:00am EDT

Big Bucks Wish List

When Congress passed the Tobacco bill, many federal and postal workers and retirees got short-changed because it moved so quickly. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says they have a fighting chance to recoup some of those losses in the pending Defense Authorization battle between the House and Senate.

Tags: P&B , Mike Causey , CSRS , locality pay , retirement benefits , silver tsunami , Tobacco Bill , defense budget

Monday - 09/14/2009, 04:00am EDT

Going Part-Time Into Retirement

Most people look forward to retiring but a lot of people don't like the idea of going cold turkey. For them the option to phase out on a part-time basis would be ideal. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says it may happen.

Tags: P&B , High-3 , CSRS , Mike Causey , Mongolian death worm

Wednesday - 08/05/2009, 04:00am EDT

It's Quiz Time: Stump Your Carpool Chumps!

Are you working longer than you intended? Is your retirement date moving further into the future? How much do you know about the demographics of retirement. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey has a fiendishly clever quiz you should take.

Tags: P&B , POP QUIZ , retirement , CRS , CSRS , facts and figures , Mike Causey

Monday - 08/03/2009, 04:00am EDT
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