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Pay & Pension Checks: Going Down?

Federal workers, and especially federal retirees, may find a much bigger bite coming out of their pay and retirement benefits next year, but Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says they can avoid the hit if they shop carefully this fall.

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Friday - 07/30/2010, 04:00am EDT

You and Your Cadillac Health Plan

Coming to a health plan near you: an excise tax on those so-called Cadillac high-premium, high benefit plans which some federal workers and retirees love. But before you panic, check out Senior Correspondent Mike Causey's Federal Report. It may be just what the doctor ordered.

Tags: pay and benefits , Mike Causey , Cadillac health care

Thursday - 07/29/2010, 04:00am EDT

Time is Running Out for FEHBP Dependents

Do you have a dependent child in his or her mid-20s? If so, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says things are not looking good to extend coverage this year to those who hit their 26th birthday.

Tags: pay and benefits , Mike Causey , dependent coverage , Ben Cardin

Tuesday - 06/15/2010, 04:00am EDT

Teleworking, FEHBP: Different Strokes!

The way you feel about teleworking or raising the age for dependent health care coverage may depend on whether your favorite ice cream flavor is Vanilla or Rocky Road. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey explains the different-strokes rule.

Tags: pay and benefits , Mike Causey , telework

Friday - 05/14/2010, 04:00am EDT

FEHBP Dependent Change is a Long Shot

Feds with older dependent children would love to cover them under their health plan. And there's a bill that would raise the age from 22 to 26. But Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says it's a real long shot because of everything from the congressional vacation schedule to the Gulf oil disaster.

Tags: P&B , dependent coverage , Mike Causey

Monday - 05/10/2010, 04:00am EDT

FEHBP & the Dependent in Your Basement

A growing number of adult children are returning home, assuming dependent status and needing health insurance. So how's the federal health insurance program handling this? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey explains.

Tags: P&B , Mike Causey , COFFE , Alice Rivlin , Sarah Holstine

Thursday - 04/15/2010, 04:00am EDT

Civil War in the FEHBP Risk Pool

Senior Correspondent Mike Causey's column today, about the FEHBP, is must reading unless you are planning to end it all on your 50th birthday or you're holding a mega-million dollar lottery ticket.

Tags: P&B , Mike Causey , Walton Francis , Checkbook Guide to Health Plans for Federal Employ , Medicare Part B

Tuesday - 04/13/2010, 04:00am EDT

FEHBP Dodges Risk Pool Bullet

It appears that your federal health plan just dodged a major bullet. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says it could have boosted premiums big-time for older, less healthy feds.

Tags: P&B , Mike Causey , OPM , John Berry

Monday - 04/12/2010, 04:00am EDT

OPM wants to understand your health care needs

Included in the OPM budget request is $7 million to start a data warehouse to analyze the claims experience of participants in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP). John Palguta, VP for policy at the Partnership for Public Service explains how this will work.

Tags: P&B , OPM , John Palguta , Partnership for Public Service

Tuesday - 03/30/2010, 10:40am EDT

How health care reform will impact you

Federal health care expert Walton Francis explains.
March 29, 2010

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Thursday - 03/25/2010, 04:48pm EDT
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