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WTOP's football feast: Recipes for your get-together

Looking for last-minute inspiration for your Super Bowl party? Or a dish to bring to a party? WTOP staffers post their Super Bowl recipes.

Tags: Super Bowl , recipes , food , Mike McMearty , Mike Jakaitis , Mike Moss , Adam Tuss , Hillary Howard , BRACuce Alan

Tuesday - 02/02/2010, 07:29pm EST

Summer learning keeps young minds engaged

Tags: summer , education , 4-H ,

Monday - 06/20/2011, 09:43am EDT

Cable TV boxes are a major power drain

Many household gadgets draw power when they are not in use, but the box that comes with your television cable provider is one of the most wasteful.

Tags: cable , cable box

Wednesday - 06/15/2011, 10:38am EDT

Fatal motorcycle accident leaves 2 dead

A man and a woman died in the 3 a.m. motorcycle accident.

Tags: motorcycle fatal , River Road , Inner Loop ,

Wednesday - 06/08/2011, 07:58am EDT

Holy guacomole! Have you seen restaurant prices?

You might want to hold the pasta and bag the burrito. The biggest price increases are being seen at Mexican and Italian restaurants.

Tags: restaurants , gas prices ,

Tuesday - 05/17/2011, 10:33am EDT

Third-grade textbook under fire in Frederick County

One Maryland mom even took her complaint to "The Glenn Beck Show." WTOP's Evan Haning reports.

Tags: Frederick County Public Schools , Frederick County Board of Education , Kathryn Groth , Social Studies Alive

Wednesday - 05/11/2011, 05:41pm EDT

Fight high gas prices with 11 top high-mileage cars

Popular Mechanics' list of the top 11 high-mileage cars to beat high gas prices proves you can still get impressive miles per gallon with a standard engine.

Tags: Popular Mechanics , Chevrolet , Ford , Fiat , Nissan Leaf , Hyundai , Volkswagen , Jetta , Audi , Honda , Smart Fortwo , Volt

Tuesday - 05/10/2011, 04:36pm EDT

Summer jobs forecast is sunny

Fifty-five percent of all hiring managers surveyed will be adding workers, according to, which lets you search for jobs by Zip Code.

Tags: jobs , SnagAJob

Tuesday - 05/10/2011, 08:49am EDT

'HomeSafe' security service blocks unwelcome websites at network level

An Internet service provider is offering a new way of protecting kids from unwelcome websites and online dangers by blocking them at the network level.

Tags: HomeSafe , TalkTalk Telecom Group , Facebook , Claire Perry , Internet ,

Monday - 05/09/2011, 01:52pm EDT

Metro OT adds up: $187K for 2 months for 10 workers

One construction inspector made $32,090 in overtime in January and February.

Tags: Metro , Tri-State Oversight Committee , overtime

Monday - 05/09/2011, 09:36am EDT
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