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DoD faces challenges in staffing cyber command

The Defense Department's cyber command will become fully operational on October 1. Federal News Radio's Jason Miller joined DorobekINSIDER with details about how General Alexander believes DoD can overcome the lack of qualified cyber employees.

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Thursday - 09/23/2010, 04:30pm EDT

Military improves brain trauma treatment

Nine years of conflict have revolutionized the way the military treats people wounded in battle. That includes faster evacuations, better-executed trauma care networks, and huge advances in treating amputations and spinal-cord injuries.

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Wednesday - 09/22/2010, 06:24pm EDT

Army Materiel moving from Belvoir to 'Bama

The Army Material Command is moving from Ft. Belvoir to Redstone Arsenal. At least most of it is. We get an update from Kate Kelley, chief of the BRAC office.

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Wednesday - 09/22/2010, 11:04am EDT

Projects in the crosshairs at Defense

Defense Department agencies and the armed services have a tall order from the secretary. Robert Gates has called for $100 billion dollars in spending reductions over the next five years. Jim McAleese tells us who should be feeling the heat.

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Wednesday - 09/22/2010, 09:40am EDT

Young: Multiyear contracts at DoD can save money

John Young, former Undersecretary of Defense, argues for the need to use more multi-year procurement contracts at DoD.

Tags: John Young , procurement , Francis Rose , In Depth , Pentagon Solutions

Tuesday - 09/21/2010, 06:09pm EDT

Marine company goes solar

A Marine company in California uses only solar energy to power its Command Center.

Tags: DoD Report , Marines , solar energy

Tuesday - 09/21/2010, 05:11pm EDT

DoD can learn from Great Britain

Ted Stevens is an associate at the Center for Science and Security Studies in Kings College in London.

Tags: DoD Report , DorobekInsider , Ted Stevens

Monday - 09/20/2010, 05:58pm EDT

An Air Force without human pilots

Are we getting close to a time when the Air Force will no longer need human pilots?

Tags: DoD Report , DorobekInsider , Air Force , technology

Monday - 09/20/2010, 05:38pm EDT

Secrets in plain sight in censored book's reprint

As many as 100 uncensored versions of the book, Operation Dark Heart, have officially made their way to the streets despite the Pentagon's efforts to prevent them from being read.

Tags: Anthony Shaffer , Operation Dark Heart , Dorobek Insider , Must Reads

Monday - 09/20/2010, 05:24pm EDT
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