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Navy, RAND at odds over the value of alternative fuel

A study released Tuesday by the RAND Corporation finds that DoD's programs for developing renewable fuels will provide no military advantage. It also questions whether the Defense Department should be conducting the research at all.

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Wednesday - 01/26/2011, 12:41pm EST

Homeland Security subcommittee heads announced

Subcommittee chairmen and ranking members were announced for the House Committee on Homeland Security.

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Tuesday - 01/25/2011, 06:08pm EST

16 agencies sign on to help military families

Caring for the families of military personnel requires a coordinated approach across the federal government, President Obama said Monday. He said agencies have made 50 separate commitments to coordinate programs designed to assist the loved ones of servicemembers.

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Tuesday - 01/25/2011, 06:58am EST

Why talented officers are leaving the military

Kauffman Foundation's Tim Kane explains why the military's best and brightest are leaving from his in-depth survey.

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Monday - 01/24/2011, 04:56pm EST

DoD hoping for shorter GAO High Risk List

The Defense Department's leader of business process reform said Friday that she's hopeful the Government Accountability Office will remove one of DoD's high risk areas from its biennial list of government trouble spots. GAO is expected to issue the list within the next several weeks.

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Monday - 01/24/2011, 06:55am EST

Chinese make stealthy move

Was Chinese Premiers Hu Jintao in the dark on their stealth fighter? Earlier this month during a visit from Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, a very public demonstration of the plane took place and Mr. Hu appeared to be unaware of it. But was he? Some military officials have raised the specter of a divide between the Hu and military, but observers suggest that it was probably a part of an orchestrated power play --complete with plausible deniability for the Chinese leader considering the big meeting with President Obama was coming up.

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Friday - 01/21/2011, 12:44pm EST

Army suicides drop and rise

For the first time in seven years suicides among active duty soldiers dropped, but according to the Army the dip was supplanted by a stark rise in suicides in the National Guard and Reserve ranks. The Associated Press reports Army Vice Chiefof Staff Gen. Peter Chiarelli said those victims, "are often geographically separated, removed from the support network provided by military installations." Chiarelli said. "They lack the ready camaraderie of fellow soldiers and the daily oversight and hands-on assistance from members of the chain of command.

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Friday - 01/21/2011, 12:44pm EST

Quake Hit Pakistan

How will a 7.3 magnitude earthquake in Pakistan impact the Afghan war? A U.S. military outpost in Afghanistan is very close to the epicenter of the quake, but there have been no reports of significant damage. A Pakistani government spokesman said there was minimal loss of life and property damage. Considering that many insurgents hide in the mountains around the area where the quake took place, NATO coalition troops are watching the situation to see if any movement or changes in behavior by the militants result from the quake.

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Friday - 01/21/2011, 12:43pm EST

More civilians to replace military in Iraq

As the mission in Iraq winds down, a federal civilian effort increases. We get the latest details from Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan, spokesman for U.S. Forces in Iraq.

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Friday - 01/21/2011, 10:08am EST

HASC to examine DoD efficiency push

The House Armed Services Committee held its first meeting of the 112th Congress on Thursday, approving new rules, an oversight plan, and announcing the leaders and members of subcommittees. Committee Chairman Buck McKeon said the panel will hold its first oversight hearing next week.

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Thursday - 01/20/2011, 07:15pm EST
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