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Computer jargon stifles security

Computer jargon baffles users, hinders security; Defense relaxes ban on computer flash drives; Symantec 2010 State of Enterprise Security Study Shows Frequent, Effective Attacks on Worldwide Business

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Monday - 02/22/2010, 08:27am EST

Voting improvements coming for the military

The pen can be a weapon --especially for members of the military who want to vote but find themselves far away from their hometown polls. The Department of Defense says it's making improvements to make it easier for service members and their families to register to vote when they move to a new base. The policy change means service members are to be offered voter registration materials and assistance whenever they are deployed or transferred between bases.

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Monday - 12/21/2009, 10:38am EST

DoD Budget analysis: paying more, buying less

"The new budget now being trotted out for the Pentagon is a tired old document, bereft of the many significant changes needed to revive our decaying defenses. Worse, the Pentagon's masters and its peanut galleries in Congress, the press, and think tanks opine delusions that anything significant is changing."

Tags: defense , budget , FY 2011 budget , Winslow Wheeler , Center for Defense Information

Friday - 02/05/2010, 09:08am EST

Military ban on flash drives still in place

Chunks of Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative to be declassified, Microsoft: Don't press F1 key in Windows XP

Tags: Cybersecurity Update , flash drive ban , defense , thumb drives , cybersecurity , Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative , Howard Schmidt , Windows XP , VBScript bug

Tuesday - 03/02/2010, 08:33am EST

Thumbdrives are Reinstated

Almost a year and a half after DoD banned the use of external computer flash drives, officials now say limited use is ok. But you can't use your your own. Only those that are distributed by the military are eligible. Troops in Afghanistan and Iraq who need the devices to carry or transfer critical data will be the first to get them. Vice Adm. Carl V. Mauney, deputy commander of U.S. Strategic Command, told reporters only a few will be sent to the war zone, but eventually more kits will be created and distributed.

Tags: technology , Pentagon , Afghanistan , Iraq , Strategic Command , Carl V. Mauney

Monday - 02/22/2010, 11:47am EST

Hearts and Minds

The Department of Defense is developing a network of hearts and minds websites designed to influence foreign audiences to support U.S. Special Operations activities. The Trans-Regional Web Initiative, a plan to synchronize all U.S. combat command websites, will be built by General Dynamics. These sites will provide news that officials hope will undermine anti-U.S. messages. General Dynamics will be paid 10 million dollars for the project which lasts for a year.

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Friday - 09/04/2009, 01:37pm EDT

Defense Travel gets out ahead of criticism

Saying the system is good, but not great, DTS eyes rules and the user interface.

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Tuesday - 09/29/2009, 02:16pm EDT

DoD partially lifts ban on USB drives

Stratcom says only government-procured and government-owned devices allowed on military networks.

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Friday - 02/19/2010, 04:11pm EST

New House chair oversees DoD cybersecurity

There's a new chair in charge of a key House subcommittee that has, among its other responsiblities, cybersecurity, primarily in a military context. California Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D.) recently discussed her new responsibilities during the recent AFCEA Homeland Security Conference.

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Monday - 03/15/2010, 06:59am EDT

House panel learns BRAC is in the home stretch

The Pentagon faces a deadline of September 15th, 2011, by which it has to complete all the work of BRAC -- the Base Realignment and Closure process. That means either closing, or making adjustments to, military facilities all across the country. Yesterday, a key House subcommittee got a progress report on BRAC from Pentagon officials.

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Thursday - 03/18/2010, 06:43am EDT
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