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Net Centric Operations

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Originally aired September 7th @ 3:05pm

Tags: technology , net centric operations , Priscilla Guthrie , Brig gen dave warner , DISA , major gen michael vance , j-8 , dr. ron jost , dasd , Cheryl Roby , john landon , terry mansfield , Unisys , David West , cisco , Jim Flyzik , Tom Trezza

Monday - 08/21/2006, 04:25pm EDT

Cyber Security

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Tags: technology , cyber security , glenn schlarman , OMB , scott charbo , DHS , Tom Wiesner , Labor , Robert Lentz , mike gibbons , Unisys , mike rau , cisco , donald goff , UMUC , Jim Flyzik , Tom Trezza

Tuesday - 05/16/2006, 11:31am EDT

Combined Federal Campaign

The Combined Federal Campaign is underway...and Deputy Defense Secretary Bill Lynn says with an August unemployment rate of 9.7 percent, and nearly 15 million Americans without work, this is a great time for Pentagon staffers to make a difference with their CFC donations. DoD's 2009 goal is 14.1 million dollars. Last year, they raised 16 million dollars...surpassing their goal by 3 million dollars.

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Friday - 09/18/2009, 12:02pm EDT

Managing Pentagon spending

Big changes in store for the Pentagon's acquisition workforce. Shay Assad, the acting deputy undersecretary for defense for acquisition & technology says the federal civilian DoD workforce in acquisitions is expected to rise by 20 thousand, while contracting staff will fall by half that amount. Pentagon contracts have nearly tripled over the last 8 years, but the size of the workforce overseeing those contracts has been flat.

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Monday - 08/24/2009, 01:29pm EDT

Reconstructing NSPS

The Defense Business Board, which advises Defense Secretary Gates, is preparing its final report on DoD's National Security Personnel System. The current, NSPS has drawn the ire of labor unions, who want to see workers back in the tried and true GS classification system. Both the President and OPM director John Berry, favor some type of "pay for performance". The DBB is expected to deliver its final NSPS report before Labor Day.

Tags: management , Armed Forces , Defense Business Board , NSP , OPM , John Berry

Friday - 07/17/2009, 06:50pm EDT

DHS focuses cyber research on commercial market

DHS science and technology: A vision of what's possible - Part one of FederalNewsRadio's look into how the directorate moves ideas to the market.

Tags: technology , Doug Maughan , Tom Cellucci , DHS , Energy , NSF , NASA , Telcordia , Secure64 , Ironkey , cybersecurity , series

Thursday - 05/14/2009, 11:56am EDT

Stop the can-kicking

Yes we can can

Tags: DHS , transition , cybersecurity , ODNI , tech , NSC , Financial Stability Program , Michele Hathaway

Wednesday - 02/11/2009, 08:47am EST
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