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New gear for a good cause

DoD announces $52.5 million in grants

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Monday - 03/09/2009, 07:40am EDT

Cyber Security: Achieving Cyber Resilience

Faced with rapid technological advancements and increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks, organizations must act now to acquire or improve cyber resilience to protect their agencies or departments from theft, fraud and sabotage. Experience has shown that cyber resilience requires a coordinated approach across five areas: policy and compliance; budget; the IT enterprise architecture; acquisitions, and security operations. Determining where to focus first is often difficult. Many organizations begin with a situational assessment of their cyber health within the context of the current environment and their own business and mission imperatives. From there, organizations can quickly prioritize problems -business processes, operational, technological or personnel - and take decisive actions that will enhance cyber resilience and help reduce risk.

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Wednesday - 01/27/2010, 02:21pm EST

Federal CIOs Drive High Performance in Information Technology

The role of the chief information officer continues to evolve under the Obama administration. Today's federal CIOs are expected not only to drive efficiency, transparency and strengthen information and network security, but also to implement the best technologies and practices to establish and maintain relationships with citizens.

CIOs face additional pressure from the conflicting objectives of their mission. Among them: How does one balance the demand for immediate, transparent access to information while maintaining security and privacy? How does one reduce IT spending while improving services? What is the role of the CIO within the agency and how does one operationalize it?

We'll ask today's panelists to share their views on how to meet these challenges as well as their priorities for the next year. We'll also ask them to share how they are meeting the demands of both the public and the Obama administration while serving as agents of change.

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Thursday - 11/05/2009, 10:34am EST

9/14/09 - Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense

Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense have been working for more than a decade on sharing health data but more work still needs to be done. According to a new report, the two agencies aren't ready to be fully inter-operable in their sharing of electronic medical data. While some progress has been made, VA and DOD still need to expand the inpatient records systems and hire more full-time employees to establish accountability for the department's interoperability efforts.

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Friday - 09/11/2009, 01:08pm EDT

Health Records

A decade long effort by the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs to share information between their Electronic Health Records systems is finally starting to bear some fruit. While VA and DOD are now able to exchange patients' social history data, share physical exam data and ensure high bandwidth for secure network gateways, GAO says they need to define more quantifiable goals. The two departments expect by September 30th to be able to transmit periodic health assessment data stored in the DOD electronic health record over to VA.

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Monday - 08/03/2009, 10:53am EDT

SPECIAL REPORT: Tech Solutions energize the good to be even better

Office looks to modify existing technology to solve first responder problems in less than 15 months. The idea is to close gaps and let others figure out complete solution.

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Monday - 07/06/2009, 01:15pm EDT

Army Missile System

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Wednesday - 02/18/2009, 07:18pm EST

Deep Space Inspection

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Monday - 02/16/2009, 07:17pm EST
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