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USS Cole anniversary marked

Survivors and relatives of those killed in the deadly attack on the USS Cole in Yemen marked the 11th anniversary of the bombing at the ship's home base in Norfolk. The ceremony comes after a Pentagon official recently approved charges that carry a possible death penalty for a Guantanamo prisoner accused of planning the attack. Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri is to be arraigned Nov. 9 at the U.S. military base in Cuba. The attack on the U.S. destroyer killed 17 sailors and wounded 37.

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Tuesday - 10/18/2011, 12:51am EDT

The US planning to return to Space

With the Space shuttle program going into hibernation, where will the U.S. turn if it needs a lift into Space? Well according to Wired magazine, it could be the Air Force's X-37B "space plane". Wired says Boeing is looking into plans could more than double the vehicle's size and make room for up to six astronauts. Boeing has unveiled plans for an "X-37C" that would be nearly twice as long as the current B-model.

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Tuesday - 10/18/2011, 12:50am EDT

Military voting on the rise

The voting rates in 2010 are 21 percent higher than they were in 2006, according to the Federal Voters Assistance Program Report.

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Monday - 10/17/2011, 07:49pm EDT

Police explain why Pentagon roads were closed

Why were the roads shutdown around the Pentagon after last Friday's incident involving a Marine Corps Reserve Lance Corporal? "Based on the fact that he had fled from the Fort Meyers Police Department that he wasn't forthcoming with his information and as far as identifiers and what he was doing and he did have some products with him that were a little bit concerning initially. That's we felt it as appropriate to close these roadways down," says U.S. Park Police spokesman Sgt. David Schlosser. Yonathan Melaku was taken into custody after being caught on the grounds of Arlington Cemetery after dark. His car was found near the Pentagon.

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Monday - 06/20/2011, 12:21pm EDT

Obama Opts Out of Procurement Reform

The President delegated reform appropriately, except that the person to whom he delegated the task doesn't yet exist.

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Monday - 11/02/2009, 11:09am EST

How'd They Do That?

By now you've asked yourself how did it happen? Navy seal snipers shot three pirates to death in the dark of night, at a considerable distance and two of rounds that killed the pirates actually penetrated a surface they could not see through. Or could they? Aside from the deadly accuracy from long range that they practice, today's sophisticated military weaponry and night-time visual aids give them a distinct advantage. One source said this type of strikes happen all the time, we just don't hear about them.

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Monday - 05/04/2009, 07:44pm EDT

How Many Bars do You Have?

Dropped calls are a pain, but in a warzone it could lead to injury and death. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency program is working on a system that prevents disruptions in communication signals, and when they do occur, ensures the message doesn't disappear into never-never-land. The Disruption Tolerant Networking program was launched by DARPA three years ago to eliminate dropped messages that occur due to interference in the communication path, explained Preston Marshall, the program manager.

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Monday - 05/04/2009, 07:43pm EDT

Research This

What do fluorescent rodent feces, mosquito repellant and flytraps have to do with national defense? Researchers in the Pentagon's Deployed Warfighter Protection Research Program focused on all of those pest-fighting innovations last week at the American Mosquito Control Association convention Some 800 scientists and insect control experts attended the event. Their attitude is that disease-carrying flies, mosquitoes and other bugs are all enemies of the U.S. Warfighter.

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Monday - 05/04/2009, 07:41pm EDT

Ice Age -Ending


Monday - 03/30/2009, 07:00pm EDT

Transforming Medicine


Monday - 03/30/2009, 06:59pm EDT
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