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Pentagon's Ginman reflects on four decades in Defense procurement

Richard Ginman, the director of Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy, left government late last month. In an interview with Federal News Radio's On DoD a few days before his retirement, he reflected on what's changed during his 42-year career, and what hasn't.

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Tuesday - 03/10/2015, 03:55am EDT

DoD aims for more consistent decisions on ‘commercial' items

The Defense Contract Management Agency is creating a new team of dedicated pricing experts, looking for more consistent decisions within DoD about what constitutes a commercial product.

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Wednesday - 12/10/2014, 04:52am EST

Lt. Gen. Wendy Masiello, Director, DCMA

The Defense Contract Management Agency has about 12,000 civilian and military employees who interact with more than 20,000 contractors and handle more than $220 billion for the Defense Department. Lt. Gen. Wendy Masiello, director of DCMA, is receiving an award at the GovCon Award ceremony for her role in building business partnerships between the public and private sector. She told In Depth with Francis Rose about the partnerships she helped oversee.

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Thursday - 11/13/2014, 02:20pm EST

GAO: DCMA hampered by contingency contracting, DCAA

The contract management agency has added staff in recent years and sought a pivot in strategy, the GAO found. But DCMA still faces issues, such as contingency contracting and its reliance on DCAA, that impact its ability to meet its mission, GAO's John Hutton said on In Depth with Francis Rose.

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Monday - 11/14/2011, 05:41pm EST

Better service possible among budget cuts: Tips from DCMA

Michael Chase, the former executive director for human capital at the Defense Contract Management Agency, said the good news is human beings are not resistant to change. The bad news is they won't change unless there is an imperative to do so.

Tags: Michael Chase , VA , HCMD , Federal Drive

Tuesday - 03/13/2012, 09:40am EDT

DCMA leads acquisition 'revolution'

The Defense Department said it intends to not just rebuild its acquisition workforce in numbers, but also make sure those employees have access to new tools that will give them the insight they need to make good decisions.

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Wednesday - 11/16/2011, 05:29am EST

Shay Assad: how to fix contracting problems in 30 days or less

Commissioner Dov Zakheim told FederalNewsRadio DCAA and DCMA "just didn't seem to be working in harness, and we got assurances, very, very firm assurances, from a very senior Defense official, Mr. Shay Assad, who said he's going to have it sorted out in 30 days. And frankly, we believe him."

Tags: Commission on Wartime Contracting , contracting , KBR , Shay Assad , DCAA , DoD , Defense , SPOT

Tuesday - 11/10/2009, 02:00pm EST

DoD promises to fix Iraq contracting problems in 30 days

There is no precise figure for how many contractors are in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Tags: Commission on Wartime Contracting , Dov Zakheim , contracting , KBR , Shay Assad , DCAA , DoD , Defense

Tuesday - 11/03/2009, 12:05pm EST

DCAA and DCMA: who's the boss?

The "dysfunctional" relationship between the Defense Contract Management Agency and the Defense Contract Audit Agency described before the Commission on Wartime Contracting might be as entertaining as watching "Jon and Kate Plus 8" for some, but Commissioner Dov Zakheim tells FederalNewsRadio there's too much money, and too many lives, at stake.

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Wednesday - 08/12/2009, 02:45pm EDT

DCMA zeroes in on new computing approach

Jacob Haynes, the Defense Contract Management Agency's CIO, said a zero client set up will rely totally on the cloud for all computing needs.
July 14, 2011

Tags: Technology , contracting , Jacob Haynes , e-business tools , Zero client , Cloud computing , BRAC , Information sharing , Ask the CIO , Jason Miller

Friday - 07/15/2011, 01:03am EDT
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