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Chip that mimics human cells could advance next medical breakthrough

The National Institutes of Health Director, Dr. Francis Collins, joined the Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Amy Morris to explain a partnership between the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the National Institutes of Health and the Food and Drug Administration.

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Thursday - 09/22/2011, 10:35am EDT

Transformers headed to the Pentagon

You may have seen or heard about the movie Transformers and the military theme in the movie. It may soon be more than a movie. For several years now the Pentagon has been looking into flying cars. Now they're working on a flying humvee. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has chosen two companies to participate in project Transformer. It's a fully automated four-person vehicle that can drive like a car and then take off and fly like an aircraft to avoid roadside bombs. Lockheed Martin and AAI Corp., a unit of Textron Systems are moving to the next stage.

Tags: Pentagon& Beyond , Pentagon , AAI Corp , Lockheed Martin , Textron Systems , J.J. Green

Monday - 08/30/2010, 06:53pm EDT

DARPA to launch virtual Internet

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is leading the charge on making a virtual Internet to better protect the real Internet.

Tags: Cybersecurity Update , Technology , Internet , National Cyber Range , In Depth , DoD

Monday - 06/20/2011, 08:51pm EDT

Marking history: Internet makers get recognition

The ARPA-NET inventors are getting two historical markers in Arlington where their office used to be.

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Wednesday - 05/18/2011, 10:02am EDT

DARPA's Dangerous Waters game ready

The Navy will eventually use the software, but its available now in the Dangerous Waters computer game as well as a free online download.

Tags: DoD Report , Federal Drive , Dangerous Waters , Technology , ASW , Navy , crowdsourcing

Wednesday - 04/06/2011, 09:40am EDT

DoD crowdsources combat vehicle designs

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is working on the Experimental Crowd-derived Combat-support Vehicle.

Tags: DoD Update , crowdsourcing , Army , Nathan Wiedenman , Experimental Crowd-derived Combat-support Vehicle , In Depth

Wednesday - 03/30/2011, 04:06pm EDT

DoD to pilot automated network intrusion detection

The Department of Defense is working with private developers to create a system that automatically detects and prevent network intrusions.

Tags: Federal Drive , Cybersecurity Update , Cybersecurity , Defense , DoD , network intrusion , HASC

Tuesday - 03/22/2011, 08:30am EDT

DoD seeks more collaborative S&T research

The Defense Department's top technology research official wants to build better bridges with academia and industry - both to conduct present-day studies, and to train the researchers DoD will need in the future.

Tags: DoD , Industry , contracting , Cybersecurity , science and technology , Zachary Lemnios , Regina Dugan , Jared Serbu

Tuesday - 03/08/2011, 07:20am EST

Human immune system is model in cyber defense program

Homeland Security Newswire reports that the new program by DARPA allows computers to repair themselves after an attack.

Tags: Cybersecurity Update , Technology , Homeland Security Newswire , DoD , Dorobek Insider

Monday - 02/07/2011, 03:11pm EST

DARPA wants hacker help

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is looking for cybersecurity expertise in the most unlikely place: the hacker community.

Tags: Federal Drive , Cybersecurity Update , Cybersecurity , hacker

Monday - 02/07/2011, 09:30am EST
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