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DoD reveals strategy to protect itself from hackers

The Department of Defense recognizes that it and American companies are prime targets for hackers, whether they be a nation-state or individuals. So it's put in place an operating strategy. That strategy is comprised of 5 elements: 1) a defensible architecture; 2) global situational awareness and a common operating picture; 3) a concept for operating in cyberspace; 4) trained and ready cyber forces; and 5) capacity to take action when authorized.

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Thursday - 06/05/2014, 08:51am EDT

U.S. improving cyber response plans

USCYBERCOM, according to testimony before Congress, is working on several elements to defend against cyber attacks. Those elements include tactics, techniques, and procedures, as well as policies and organizations. Officials say that also means turning plans into doctrine and training - and building a system that our Combatant Commanders can think, plan, and integrate cyber capabilities as they would capabilities in the air, land and sea domains. Cyber is different from all of them because it's mostly invisible.

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Thursday - 06/05/2014, 08:45am EDT

Cyber criminals go after the "Golden State"

California Attorney General Kamala Harris says her state has become a major U.S. target of cyber-crimes committed by outlaw groups with ties to Eastern Europe, China and Africa. As part of a broader report on international organized crime groups, Harris said about 17 percent of attempts to hack into major computer networks in the United States in 2012 were aimed at California.

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Saturday - 03/22/2014, 07:50pm EDT

Email privacy violated

Microsoft, is admitting it searched emails in a blogger's Hotmail account to track down who was leaking company secrets. John Frank, deputy general counsel for Microsoft, which owns Hotmail, said in a statement the software company ``took extraordinary actions in this case.'' But, In the future, he said, Microsoft would consult an outside attorney who is a former judge to determine if a court order would have allowed such a search.

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Saturday - 03/22/2014, 07:49pm EDT

Federal Drive Interviews -- Jan. 10, 2013

Paul Strasser of Dynamics Research Corporation talks about a new deal his company has with FDA. Marilee Fitzgerald, director of the Department of Defense Education Activity, discusses promoting STEM fields. Tim Scannell of Technology Guide reports from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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Thursday - 01/10/2013, 10:40am EST

Lawmakers find ways to avoid another TSP cyber breach

Remember the recent cyber attack on more than 100,000 Thrift Savings Plan participants? It's been out of the headlines lately, but lawmakers haven't forgotten about it.

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Tuesday - 07/31/2012, 07:58am EDT

Utility scam harvests personnel information

Thousands of people across the country have been conned into giving their Social Security numbers and other personal information online.

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Friday - 07/13/2012, 10:29am EDT

FBI: Encryption key for cloud security

The FBI's Criminal Justice Information Services says local law enforcement needs to encrypt its data if it wants to join the cloud. The FBI said when information is encrypted from the start, police can have control of its cybersecurity on any cloud system, according to a post on InfoSecurity.

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Thursday - 04/05/2012, 08:57pm EDT

Former DHS head named to board of BAE Systems

Michael Chertoff is now on the board.

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Thursday - 03/25/2010, 04:06pm EDT

VA spends $50M for IT security

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Tuesday - 09/21/2010, 04:51pm EDT
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