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Link between usability and security

If the lock to your house required special training to work, you'd be more likely to take your chances and leave the place unlocked. That's how it is with cyber security. If security procedures and systems are too complicated, users tend to skip them. But research at the National Institute of Standards and Technology is establishing a link between usability and security and will make the results available this summer to federal agencies.

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Thursday - 05/07/2009, 09:30pm EDT

Missing- terabyte of personally identifiable information.

Uh oh. It's happened again. A hard drive containing a terabyte of personally identifiable information has gone missing. It disappeared from a lab desk inside the National Archives in College Park, Maryland. The disk housed social security numbers of Clinton White House visitors and of the Gore family. Once again proving that the insider threat is as potent as any attack launched from overseas. I'm Tom Temin.

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Thursday - 05/21/2009, 02:03pm EDT

Bill would trade time served for education in cybersecurity

The Cybersecurity Enhancement Act is making its way through the House.

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Thursday - 02/04/2010, 04:46pm EST

CyberSecurity-"Progress & Best Practices"

Program discusses the progress on CyberSecurity with the DHS-DoD & ODNI.

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Tuesday - 01/12/2010, 03:18pm EST

Cyber: Coming of Age show

October 5th, 2011
How far have we come and what are our biggest challenges—and opportunities—ahead as Cybersecurity comes of age? Hear what Lt. General Harry Raduege. Jr. and Karen Evans have to say about this compelling discussion.

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Monday - 10/03/2011, 04:46pm EDT

Cyber Command

In about 18 months a new military cyber command should be up and running. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates signed a memo yesterday instructing the U.S. Strategic Command to start the planning process. The command will coordinate the Pentagon's efforts to defend its networks and conduct cyber warfare. The new command is expected to be based at be located at Fort Meade. The decision to launch the unit verifies the growing concern about the nation's cyber vulnerabilities.

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Tuesday - 06/23/2009, 07:23pm EDT


How safe are the nation's critical networks? Several years ago Chinese hackers were caught trying to break into sensitive government and military systems. They've progressed from that to Congress. Last year, two members of Congress said their systems had been hacked into and sensitive information destroyed. The news that they struck again --hitting the Joint Strike fighter a couple of years ago, comes as no surprise to many in the cyber world. The Obama administration is preparing to release a review of the nation's cyber security.

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Wednesday - 04/22/2009, 11:57am EDT


The Bulgarian government is moving to authorize widespread confiscation of illegally obtained assets. Their goal is to crackdown ion powerful organized crime and corruption.

Justice Minister Margarita Popova said the action would be a key weapon for the newly elected government, to fight crime and avoid punishment from the European Union.

Failure to demonstrate results by July next year could cut off Bulgaria's access to 11 billion Euros foreign. Bulgaria is also thought tO be a major hub of illegal cyber activity.

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Thursday - 11/12/2009, 10:18am EST
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