7:35 am, May 25, 2015

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Brennan says new CIA cyber branch part of digital evolution

The CIA director said the agency is following the spy business into the digital realm, but it is not trying to step on other intelligence agencies' turf.

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Monday - 03/16/2015, 03:58am EDT

Patrick Costello, Deputy Director, Council on Foreign Relations

The Pentagon's new Defense Innovation Initiative is called the third offset strategy. But it's not the only offset the defense industrial base should pay attention to. Patrick Costello is deputy director of Congress and U.S. Foreign Policy studies for the Council on Foreign Relations. On In Depth with Francis Rose, he explained what these offsets are.

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Wednesday - 12/10/2014, 04:17pm EST

Congressional resistance to cost-cutting opens $70B hole in DoD budget

The Pentagon will begin a new fiscal year under yet another continuing resolution. When a budget finally is passed, Defense Department officials expect Congress to reject a significant number of proposals to cut DoD's own costs.

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Wednesday - 10/01/2014, 03:53am EDT

How to stay ahead of al-Qaeda in cyberspace

For al-Qaeda to do any real damage with cyberattacks, it would need to make a multi-year investment in developing offensive cybercapabilities and would need a secure facility and advance test bed from which to do it.

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Monday - 02/22/2010, 09:30am EST

Analysis: New Deal, no deal?

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Tuesday - 07/07/2009, 10:28am EDT

Lynn: DoD cybersecurity strategy evolving

Deputy Defense Secretary says information technology, and the world's reliance on it, has redefined the front lines of national security.

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Tuesday - 10/05/2010, 03:42pm EDT

OMB director Orszag bids farewell

A look back on the last 18 months driving the federal government.

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Thursday - 07/29/2010, 06:28pm EDT

Economic expert compares current financial woes to past problems

President Obama has promised that the Recovery Act will create millions of new jobs. Sound familiar? President Franklin D. Roosevelt promised something similar during the Great Depression. But did it work?

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Wednesday - 07/08/2009, 12:26pm EDT