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Vendor past performance data not up to par

Agencies making contract awards without fully understanding the contractor's past successes or failures. GAO makes six recommendations to improve and standardize the information.

Tags: contracting , GAO , GSA , DoD , Energy , NASA , DHS , Past performance , PPIRS

Tuesday - 05/26/2009, 04:18pm EDT

Something for your DNSSEC toolbox

Joe Gersch
May 19th, 2009

Tags: tech , contracting , Secure64 , security , DNSSEC , net identity , spoofing

Tuesday - 05/19/2009, 12:57pm EDT

EPA sets Energy Star ratings for servers

Standards part of broader plan to help reduce data center energy usage. Energy also has tool to measure data center power usage.

Tags: technology , contracting , EPA , Energy , servers , data centers , green IT , Energy Star

Monday - 05/18/2009, 03:38pm EDT

Making TWIC more than a FlashPass

Tags: contracting , security , technology , DHS , USCG , TSA , TWIC , David Murk

Thursday - 05/07/2009, 09:37am EDT

What do we learn from failure? 5/04/2009

John Dewey said failure is instructive—so what can we learn from past complex system acquisitions? And how can we improve the process? When IT procurement requirements are poorly defined acquisitions can run into trouble—with over-charges, under-estimates and countless change orders. When speed matters, getting the up-front requirements right is crucial. To make acquisitions effective, focus on the essentials: clear, concise requirements, consistency, adequate detail, and realistic performance goals—then your chances for a win-win rise dramatically.

Tags: contracting , acquisition , IT

Wednesday - 05/06/2009, 07:26pm EDT

Latest developments in bid protests

Roger Waldron,
Of Counsel
Mayer Brown LLP
May 5th, 2009

Tags: contracting , Roger Waldron , Mayer Brown , Larry Allen , bid protests , procurement climate

Tuesday - 05/05/2009, 08:54am EDT

Army bringing back most retired acquisition workers

New OFPP report tells how many agencies are taking advantage of four-year-old tool to improve their procurement workforce.

Tags: contracting , management , Lesley Field , OFPP , GSA , annuitants , Retired federal workers

Friday - 05/01/2009, 03:28pm EDT
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