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To hybrid or not to hybrid?

Thinking about buying a hybrid to save on gas? Better get the facts first.

Tags: Darci Marchese , Meera Pal , hybrid , business

Thursday - 02/24/2011, 04:50pm EST

How to buy the most suitable snow blower

Though the WTOP listening area is getting snow and ice worthy of the record books this winter season, you may not need the very best, top-of-the-line snow blower to clear it all.

Tags: snow , Thundersnow , snowblower , snow blower , Petere Sawchuk

Thursday - 02/03/2011, 03:43pm EST

The best frozen chicken wings for the playoffs

Whether they're watching the Falcons play the Packers or the Ravens versus the Steelers on Saturday, or the Seahawks take on the Bears or the Jets/Patriots matchup on Sunday, all will be thinking about wings.

Tags: playoff , chicken wings , Bob Kur , Paul D. Shinkman , football , snack , Snack bars , food supply , food safety

Thursday - 01/13/2011, 09:45am EST

'Loser list' filled with products that don't deliver

Consumer Reports is out with its ShopSmart's loser list - and a number of products, even those from reputable companies, don't stand up to shoppers' scrutiny.


Monday - 01/10/2011, 02:57pm EST

Savings on Aisle Four

Coupons and discount cards are an obvious way to pay less than full price at the grocery store. But those aren't the only way.

Tags: ShopSmart , supermarket , Nathan Hager , wtop saves you money

Monday - 01/10/2011, 11:06am EST

Food companies shrink packaging to inflate revenue

If you're trying to save money at the grocery store, you might want to pay more attention to size. From toilet paper to tuna fish, package quantities are getting smaller, but you are not necessarily paying any less.

Tags: food , food supply , Shopping , grocery , grocery shopping , Tuna , Kristi King

Wednesday - 01/05/2011, 10:02am EST

Wedgie alert: Bad underwear can ruin a woman's day

Here's the brief on briefs. Woman say they feel more confident wearing undies that don't creep up on them.

Tags: underwear , undies , ShopSmart , briefs , Colleen Kelleher

Wednesday - 12/15/2010, 11:44am EST

To 3D or not to 3D: WTOP has the answer

Unless you're looking to watch 'Avatar' on loop, there isn't much reason to purchase a 3D TV this year.

Tags: holiday shopping , Christmas shopping , 3D , 3D Tv , CNET , PC Mag

Monday - 12/06/2010, 10:19am EST

Rethinking rebates

Do you get big savings from mail-in rebates? You may be going against the grain.

Tags: rebate , generation earn , Nathan Hager , wtop saves you money

Monday - 11/29/2010, 01:31pm EST

Average time spent holiday shopping: 15 hours

What's your shopping plan? When will you start shopping, or have you already? How long will it take you? Will you spend more than last year?

Tags: Christmas shopping , holiday shopping , retail , Christmas

Tuesday - 11/23/2010, 08:59am EST
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