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Five tips on testifying on the Hill

Being called to the testify on the Hill can be terrifying. We talk with a pro about how to make the process easier.

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Wednesday - 02/24/2010, 10:55am EST

Congressional agenda on ice

Two major snowstorms hit Washington, burying legislative action on Capitol Hill.

Tags: Jodi Schneider , American Banker , deficit , job creation , healthcare

Wednesday - 02/17/2010, 10:20am EST

How pay-go goes down at agency level

President Barack Obama lauded the Senate for passing new "pay-as-you-go" budget rules, a measure he has pushed for to help address runaway government spending.

Tags: pay-go , Sam Mok , AGA

Wednesday - 02/10/2010, 10:40am EST

AF tanker deal in question after Murtha's death

With the passing of Rep. John Murtha Monday of complications from gall bladder surgery, how will the subcommittee he chaired, as well as the Air Force tanker deal, proceed?

Tags: Pentagon , John Murtha , Paul Singer , Roll Call

Tuesday - 02/09/2010, 11:15am EST

Hill focus shifts from healthcare to jobs

Senate Democrats circulated a jobs bill Tuesday that's light on new initiatives on boosting hiring and heavy with provisions sought by lobbyists for business groups, doctors and the satellite broadcasting industry.

Tags: healthcare , jobs , Jodi Schneider , American Banker

Wednesday - 02/10/2010, 09:30am EST

Congress shifts from bipartisan to unilateral

President Barack Obama is prodding House and Senate Democrats to get him a final health care bill as soon as possible, encouraging them to bypass the usual negotiations between the two chambers in the interest of speed.

Tags: Jodi Schneider , healthcare reform

Wednesday - 01/06/2010, 09:30am EST

From proposal to law: the 2011 budget explained

How does Congress go through the sifter on what the president proposes? Who has more clout? Congress, the White House, public opinion? We ask former Rep. Tom Davis.

Tags: budget , FY 2011 budget , Congressional Spotlight , Tom Davis , Deloitte Federal Government Services

Friday - 02/05/2010, 10:38am EST

Senatorial Darwinism changes your job

Senate departures "will leave the chamber with a deficit of 232 years of legislative know-how and Washington gravitas that has characterized Capitol Hill for a generation."

Tags: David Drucker , Roll Call , brain drain

Monday - 03/08/2010, 09:40am EST

The U.S. is warned

Turkey has sent a strong warning to the U.S. that relations the United States will suffer if Congress votes this week to label a World War One-era massacre of Armenians by Turkish forces as genocide. This isn't the first time the issues has flared up. In 2007, Ankara recalled its ambassador to Washington for consultations after a similar bill was approved. Turkey accepts that many Christian Armenians were killed by Ottoman Turks but denies that 1.5 million died and they don't call the the killings genocide.

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Tuesday - 03/02/2010, 12:50pm EST

Racism in the Military

Researchers from the Southern Poverty Law Center, based in Montgomery, Ala., have asked Congress to investigate possible racial extremism in the military, after finding U.S. service members participating on a social networking site advertised as being for white people only. According the the Associated Press, the organization says it identified about 40 personal profiles of people who list the military as their occupation on the Web site called New Saxon. The site, run by the Detroit-based National Socialist Movement, describes itself as an "online community for whites by whites."

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Monday - 07/13/2009, 12:26pm EDT
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