8:30 am, May 29, 2015

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Chris Hill, Host, Motley Fool Monday

The fight over your benefits continues on Capitol Hill as Congress sorts out the FY 2015 budget. Your Thrift Savings Plan isn't likely to change much though and that's a good thing. Chris Hill, host of Motley Fool Money, sits down with In Depth with Francis Rose to talk about your TSP account, companies that are heavy players in the federal space and the Michael Lewis controversy.

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Monday - 04/07/2014, 04:11pm EDT

Reform wayward Wall Street?

President Obama sent a strong message to Wall Street when he proposed imposing new limits on the size and activities of the country's largest banks. In an effort to prevent another financial Armageddon, Obama wants to prevent commercial banks (those that lend and maintain deposits) from also owning hedge funds or private equity units, and from engaging in proprietary trading (trading for their own accounts using their firm's own money).

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Wednesday - 01/27/2010, 11:30am EST