8:30 pm, May 29, 2015

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DoD spending growth slows to 3 percent

New figures show U.S. defense spending grew by just under 3 percent last year. That's compared with more than seven percent on average for most of the decade.

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Monday - 04/11/2011, 02:51pm EDT

G-20 data targeted in cyber attack

A sustained cyber attack has forced the French finance ministry to shut down 10,000 government computers.

Tags: Cybersecurity , Technology , France , G-20 , Dorobek Insider

Monday - 03/07/2011, 03:01pm EST

China blocks online searches for 'Egypt'

The New York Times reports that this latest effort to censor the Internet comes after the Egyptian protests.

Tags: Cybersecurity Update , Technology , censorship , Egypt , authoritarian government , Dorobek Insider

Tuesday - 02/01/2011, 02:32pm EST

Chinese man sets new cold endurance record

A Chinese man set a new world record Sunday for full body ice contact endurance.

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Tuesday - 01/04/2011, 09:02am EST

WikiLeaks shows China behind Google hacking

The BBC reports that Chinese officials orchestrated the hacking at Google earlier this year, according to WikiLeaks cables.

Tags: WikiLeaks , transparency , Google , Cybersecurity Update , Technology , Dorobek Insider

Monday - 12/06/2010, 03:00pm EST

Cyber defense and China relations under review

The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission's annual Report is just out. The Commission is charged with evaluating the national security implications of the bilateral trade and economic relationship between the United States and the China.

Tags: Cybersecurity , cybersecuirty updateupdate , cyber attack , U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission , Dorobek Insider , McAfee , Dmitri Alperovitch

Thursday - 11/18/2010, 05:47pm EST

Report confirms China hijack of Internet

A new report found that for 15 minutes in April a Chinese state controlled telecommunications company was able to hijack 15 percent of the world's internet traffic.

Tags: hacking , Internet , data theft , U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission , Dorobek Insider , cyber , Cybersecurity

Wednesday - 11/17/2010, 03:05pm EST

China hijacks 15% of internet, inluding military data

China hijacked fifteen percent of Internet traffic across the globe. Nobody noticed, except for some cybersecurity experts. They may have also had access to data from U.S. military, civilian organizations and those of other U.S. allies.

Tags: Cybersecurity , Federal Drive , cybersecurity threat , Internet , The Next Web , Hijacked , internet traffic , hackers , cyber attack , Data Breach

Tuesday - 11/16/2010, 08:30am EST

Should we be worried about a cyber war?

Seymour Hersh writes in the New Yorker about the EP-3E debacle that has fueled a debate on whether the military or civilians should take the lead in cybersecurity.

Tags: Seymour Hersh , New Yorker , Cybersecurity , Technology , EP-3E , Must Reads , Dorobek Insider , NSA , DoD

Tuesday - 10/26/2010, 02:26pm EDT

Gates will visit China next year

Learn more in today's DoD Report.

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Tuesday - 10/12/2010, 09:58am EDT
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