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Where the kids are, and aren't in Frederick County

Take a stroll through Myersville and Mount Airy and you're likely to find children's toys scattered on lawns and car seats strapped into family vehicles. But in Burkittsville and New Market, you may not see as many signs of childhood.

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Sunday - 01/16/2011, 11:38am EST

Paring down parenting

Those little bundles of joy can cost a bundle. But a few of these money-saving tips could amount to thousands of dollars a year back into your pocket -- or their inheritance.

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Tuesday - 12/28/2010, 10:35pm EST

'Treats for Troops' sends candy to warriors

Mover Moms, a Bethesda-based community services group, packaged extra Halloween candy to send to their troops overseas in the "Treats for Troops" drive.

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Monday - 11/08/2010, 08:19am EST

A new problem brewing: Coffee and young adults

Teens and young adults are the fastest growing group of coffee drinkers, according to the National Coffee Association.

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Tuesday - 07/20/2010, 03:00pm EDT

Bicycle is designed to grow along with kids

The Big Eye Cruiser is a bike that can actually adapt to a child's growth spurt.

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Monday - 03/15/2010, 11:52pm EDT

Some children hearing voices, study says

According to a study at the University Medical Center Groningen in the Netherlands, one in 11 kids ages seven and eight claims to hear voices no one else can.

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Thursday - 01/28/2010, 11:56pm EST