6:51 am, May 30, 2015

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White House adds another layer to executive cyber powers

President Barack Obama signed an Executive Order giving agencies the ability to recommend economic sanctions against cyber attackers and their supporters. As the President signed this latest order, Congress seems closer than ever to passing a cyber information sharing bill.

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Thursday - 04/02/2015, 03:59am EDT

Reaching a Pentagon budget deal: From wishful thinking to reality

Two former DoD comptrollers say a two-year defense budget deal could achieve President Barack Obama's goal of eliminating sequestration.

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Tuesday - 02/17/2015, 11:33am EST

Jim Lewis, Center for Strategic and International Studies

With each passing week, the stakes in the cybersecurity game get higher. Now Sony is reeling from a cyber attack U.S. officials believe originated in North Korea. This incident got Tom Temin wondering if the average federal agency has sufficient defenses against an attack like this. Or if it has enough resilience to recover. Jim Lewis, senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, joined the Federal Drive with an update on the government's cybersecurity status.

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Tuesday - 12/23/2014, 06:49am EST

Cheap IT, dwindling maintenance leave Navy vulnerable to cyber threats

Defense Department doctrine makes clear that cyberspace is a military domain, just like air, land, space and sea. But the Navy's top cyber officer said the procurement system hasn't yet caught onto that notion.

Tags: Jan Tighe , Cybersecurity , Acquisition , Cyber Awakening , Matthew Swartz , Jared Serbu , DoD , Navy , Technology

Wednesday - 12/03/2014, 04:33am EST

Report: Sequestration slashed DoD contract spending by 16 percent in 2013

Analysis by the Center for Strategic and International Studies shows R&D took the biggest hit, dropping by 21 percent in a single year. But payments to large firms and spending on large contracts got some degree of protection.

Tags: DoD , sequestration , DoD budget , contracting , Industry , R&D , David Berteau , Greg Sanders , Jared Serbu

Friday - 10/17/2014, 08:32am EDT

Dov Zakheim, Senior Advisor, Center for Strategic and International Studies

The Defense Department could look a lot different if sequestration continues past fiscal 2015. DoD would invest $66 billion less in procurement and research and cut 17 joint strike fighters. The Air Force would drop its entire fleet of KC-10 tankers. The Navy would sideline six destroyers. In Depth with Francis Rose asked Dov Zakheim, senior advisor at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and former Defense Department Comptroller, if the new Pentagon report is a serious strategy document or a scare tactic.

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Thursday - 04/17/2014, 05:58pm EDT

DoD, industry must learn to share radio spectrum as it grows more scarce

The Pentagon will release a new strategy Thursday to address the growing spectrum needs. It will emphasize agile sharing of radio spectrum between government and industry.

Tags: Technology , DoD , Industry , spectrum , Robert Wheeler , Jared Serbu

Thursday - 02/20/2014, 04:20am EST

Budget experts blame lawmaker 'disengagement' as source of DoD turmoil

Former top staffers say current members of Congress no longer have a stake in any particular appropriation or authorization bill making its way through the legislative gauntlet one reason why DoD and the rest of government continue to stumble from one continuing resolution to the next.

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Thursday - 11/07/2013, 05:51am EST

Hagel warns of dangers in deep cuts to defense

Tags: Chuck Hagel , DoD , spending , budget ,

Tuesday - 11/05/2013, 03:10pm EST

How will draw down in Middle East affect DoD's operational energy?

The Center for Strategic and International Studies examines DoD's operational energy for the upcoming decade as military branches restructure and draw down in the Middle East.

Tags: Pentagon Solutions , DoD , Maren Leed , operational energy , Sharon Burke , Robert Ruark , In Depth

Wednesday - 09/11/2013, 07:44pm EDT
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