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Federal benefits, finances and legal planning

Co-hosts Bob Leins and Tammy Flanagan discuss what the various NITP presenters addressed at last week's "bennies and bucks" meeting.

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Monday - 11/03/2014, 10:10am EST

Is your retirement system the right one?

Federal benefits expert Bob Braunstein will discuss the Federal Erroneous Retirement Coverage Corrections Act.
June 23, 2014

Tags: pay and benefits , Bob Braunstein , FERCCA , retirement , CSRS , FERS , Bob Leins , For Your Benefit

Monday - 06/23/2014, 08:47pm EDT

Causey describes benefits of Voluntary Contribution Program

Federal News Radio's Senior Correspondent Mike Causey discussed the advantages of opening a Voluntary Contribute account.

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Thursday - 10/14/2010, 06:17pm EDT

Pension Envy & Offset Feds

Do you suffer from pension envy? If you are under the CSRS program, you may wish you were under the newer FERS retirement plan... and vice-versa. But Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says there's one little-known retirement plan that leaves FERS and CSRS in the dust.

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Wednesday - 12/22/2010, 04:00am EST

Who's on FERS?

Remember the Abbott & Costello baseball routine about "Who's on First?" Well Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says there is a federal version. He calls it "Who's on FERS". It's about workers who are placed in the wrong retirement system. Could you be one of them?

Tags: P&B , Mike Causey , FERS , CSRS , Bob Braunstein

Tuesday - 03/30/2010, 04:00am EDT