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Reimagining Government: Finding Opportunity in the Crisis

Looming budget cuts, expanded missions, greater public demand, and a changing workforce--huge challenges for today's government agency leaders. These challenges present opportunities to maximize value and do better with less. With guidance coming from many directions, how can leaders determine what works best for their agencies? What are the "game-changers" in the arena of driving value? And how can leaders expedite value optimization?

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Friday - 03/01/2013, 01:36pm EST

The Accidental Insider Threat: Is Your Organization Ready?

Today, most organizations are keenly aware of deliberate insider threats that pose risk to their cybersecurity posture. But recently the internal threat has morphed. More than ever "accidental insiders" — sources of vulnerability who are not maliciously trying to cause harm, are unknowingly presenting major risks which can compromise an organization and its infrastructure. This panel sponsored by Booz Allen Hamilton, will bring together top industry experts to discuss the threats posed by these accidental insiders. Several questions and issues will be explored including: How do you define and characterize accidental insider threats? How prevalent are these threats? How do you measure the impact of an accidental insider threat incident after it has occurred? How does legislation and policy affect what organizations can do to address these threats?

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Tuesday - 09/25/2012, 05:50pm EDT

The Cloud as a Shroud: Fraud in a Digital Age

Many forward-thinking enterprises in the government and commercial sectors are using cloud environments to improve scalability, agility, automation, and efficiency. The operating landscape for these organizations is rapidly evolving: Costs are reduced. Data is ubiquitous. Information is flowing from more sources than ever before. However, the same features that create such high promise for the cloud also bring a potential for new levels of criminal exploitation through fraud. A distinguished panel of top experts will look at the new face of fraud in a digital age, provide insights in how to prevent, detect and investigate fraud in the cloud and identify options to combat fraud in the cloud computing world.

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Thursday - 04/19/2012, 04:55pm EDT

Realizing the Promise of Health Information Exchange: Have We Turned the Corner?

December 9th, 2010 at 11:00AM

The value of accessing, analyzing, and securely sharing health information is clear—the ability to confidently come together as a single community to do so is not. How health information exchange will facilitate individual mission priorities, while advancing a common vision of a unified health system, is a constant demand. Core issues such as privacy, security, and trust must be put in the right context to make informed decisions, make health information exchange possible, and improve the health and wellness of our nation. Realizing the Promise of Health Information Exchange: Have We Turned a Corner?, part of the Booz Allen Hamilton Expert Voices panel series, features top industry and federal health experts who understand the opportunities and challenges of Health Information Exchange.

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Monday - 12/06/2010, 01:17pm EST