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Air Force mixes up mail for competing contractors

Defense News reports that the Air Force sent assessments for a refueling tanker deal to two contractors, but mixed up the info intended for each company.

Tags: DoD Report , Defense News , Air Force , EADS , tanker , mail , Dorobek Insider

Monday - 11/22/2010, 03:35pm EST

Picking up space exploration where NASA left off

Boeing's vice president of commercial crew programs John Elbon joins the Federal Drive with information on his company's plans for commercial space exploration.

Tags: Federal Drive , NASA , technology , commercial space exploration , john elbon

Wednesday - 07/13/2011, 11:20am EDT

Defense contractors vie for new missile contract

Three major defense contractors are competing for the next missile contract. Learn more in today's DoD Report

Tags: In Depth , defense , DoD Report , missiles , Joint Air to Ground Missile , Lockheed Martin , Raytheon

Monday - 06/13/2011, 07:40pm EDT

Congress increases scrutiny of tanker contract

More congressional oversight is coming for one defense contractor in particular. Learn more in today's DoD report.

Tags: In Depth , defense , KC-X Tanker , Congressional Spotlight ,

Friday - 06/10/2011, 06:40pm EDT

Cybersecurity contracting scope goes global

As the White House calls for international cooperation in cyberspace, the need for contracting support will be needed too. We learn more from Boeing's Roger Krone.

Tags: Federal Drive , Cybersecurity Update , cybersecurity , contracting , Roger Krone , Suzanne Kubota

Tuesday - 05/31/2011, 10:30am EDT

State secrets lawsuit leaves government, contractors unsatisfied

The Supreme Court ruled neither the government or the two contractors sued by the government (and who sued back) are due any money because state secrets were involved.

Tags: Sharon Bradford Franklin , Constitution Project , General Dynamics , contracting , Federal Drive

Friday - 05/27/2011, 12:31pm EDT

DOD developing next-gen nuclear bombers

Learn more in today's DoD Report

Tags: In Depth , defense , DoD Report , nuclear bombers , Lockheed Martin , Northrup Grumman ,

Tuesday - 05/24/2011, 06:40pm EDT

Gates still wants Air Force tankers

Defense Secretary Robert Gates says he's committed to the Air Force's new refueling tanker.

Tags: Federal Drive , DoD Report , defense , USAF , tanker contract , contracting , budget , Robert Gates

Friday - 04/22/2011, 08:40am EDT

Boeing plans for DoD budget cuts

Many lawmakers advocate cutting Defense spending as part of FY 2012. Boeing's Dennis Muilenburg tells us about what the contracting giant is doing to prepare.

Tags: Federal Drive , DoD Report , contracting , Dennis Muilenburg , budget , USAF , tanker contract , SBINet , Suzanne Kubota

Thursday - 04/14/2011, 10:40am EDT
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