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Struggling in US, F-35 fighter pushes sales abroad

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Friday - 01/27/2012, 08:17am EST

Stealth bomber bright spot in DoD inventory?

A long-range stealth bomber may be the only major new program in the foreseeable future given the $490 billion the Pentagon must cut from it's budget over the next decade. The "optionally manned" aircraft will be first new bomber design since Northrop Grumman's B-2 nearly 30 years ago.

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Monday - 01/09/2012, 03:25pm EST

Correction: Boeing-Wichita story

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Friday - 01/06/2012, 06:04pm EST

US seals $3.48B missiles, technology sale to UAE

Wary of Iran, the U.S. has been building up missile defenses of its allies, including a $1.7 billion deal to upgrade Saudi Arabia's Patriot missiles and the sale of 209 Patriot missiles to Kuwait, valued at about $900 million.

Tags: United Arab Emirates , DoD , Lockheed Martin , missiles , THAAD , Saudi Arabia , Technology

Saturday - 12/31/2011, 02:22am EST

U.S. weapons sales miss target, but still strong

Defense Security Cooperation Agency said the U.S. couldn't finalize plans for several big weapons deals with various countries.

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Tuesday - 12/06/2011, 07:07am EST

NASA flying high with budget approval, top priorities in place

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden talks about his agency's fiscal health and top priorities, which extends from low-earth orbit to Mars and beyond.

Tags: Charles Bolden , NASA , Congress , budget , aerospace , Technology , James Webb Space Telescope , Lockheed Martin , SpaceX , Orbital , Blue Origin , Michael OConnell

Tuesday - 11/29/2011, 12:09pm EST

Mobile broadband emerges as hot topic at MilCom forum

As MilCom conference gets underway, Roger Krone, president of Boeing Network and Space Systems, discusses challenges of taking broadband communications mobile.

Tags: Roger Krone , MILCOM , mobile , broadband , Boeing Network and Space Systems

Monday - 11/07/2011, 12:11pm EST

Despite budget cuts, DoD contractors make solid profits

An uncertain spending budget at the Defense Department isn't stopping large defense contracting companies from turning a solid profit.

Tags: DoD Report , Defense Procurement News , Lockheed Martin , General Dynamics , Northrop Grumman , In Depth , contracting

Thursday - 10/27/2011, 04:35pm EDT

SBINet Executive Director Mark Borkowski explains reassessment of program

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano has ordered a departmentwide reassessment of the $6-to-8 billion SBInet program.

Tags: Technology , Homeland Security , Mark Borkowski , SBINet ,

Wednesday - 01/27/2010, 07:06pm EST

Analysis: Virtual fence 'fundamentally flawed'

A string of technical glitches and delays has put the virtual fence in jeopardy. Two months ago, Napolitano ordered a reassessment of the project that has thus far cost the government $672 million.

Tags: contracting , Technology , SBINet , DHS, Management , Command Consulting Group , Steve Atkiss , CBP , Dorothy Ramienski

Monday - 03/22/2010, 09:41am EDT
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