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Census scams ask for personal info.

If you get an e-mail asking you to download a Census form, don't do it.

Tags: Census , census 2010 , malware , National White Collar Crime Center , email , e-mail , scams , crimes , post office , Postal Service , social security number , identity theft , Colleen Kelleher

Tuesday - 03/23/2010, 10:59am EDT

Avoid buying a lemon with car apps

New mobile apps make the car-buying process easier by placing cost-saving information at your fingertips.

Tags: wtop saves you money , apps , cars , alicia lozano

Friday - 06/03/2011, 12:00pm EDT

First-time home buyers may face challenges

Just as the spring real estate season gets under way, there's word that first timers may find buying a home more challenging than it used to be. WTOP's Bob Kur has the report.

Tags: first-time home buyers , real estate , mortgage , down payment , fees , cash gifts

Sunday - 03/13/2011, 05:59pm EDT

The best frozen chicken wings for the playoffs

Whether they're watching the Falcons play the Packers or the Ravens versus the Steelers on Saturday, or the Seahawks take on the Bears or the Jets/Patriots matchup on Sunday, all will be thinking about wings.

Tags: playoff , chicken wings , Consumer Reports , Paul D. Shinkman , football , snack , Snack bars , food supply , food safety

Thursday - 01/13/2011, 09:45am EST

Air time: How to save money on plane fares

Air fare is becoming increasingly expensive, particularly as fliers now have to additional fees for extra leg room or checking bags.

Tags: air bags , airport , flying , baggage , bags ,

Monday - 01/10/2011, 02:42pm EST

Hidden fees eat away at prepaid card balance

Prepaid credit cards often sold at supermarkets are a simpler alternative to using credit cards, but hidden fees for using them can quickly eat away at the balances.

Tags: debit cards , prepaid cards , VISA , Mastercard , Paul D. Shinkman , Consumer Reports , Consumers Union , credit cards

Monday - 10/18/2010, 08:43am EDT

Feds use social media to gather private information

The federal government exploits social media users' desire for online popularity to gain access to private information, a digital civil liberties watchdog group says.

Tags: Paul D. Shinkman , office of fraud detection and national security , FDNS , Facebook , Twitter , cyber security

Friday - 10/15/2010, 07:39am EDT

More part-time hires may leave economy in neutral

The recent record surge in temporary and part-time hires would usually signal an upcoming economic expansion, but employers' lag in converting these jobs to full-time may leave the labor market spinning its tires.

Tags: Harley Davidson , temporary hire , part time jobs , full time jobs , Paul D. Shinkman

Monday - 10/11/2010, 01:51pm EDT

'Friends' now available for hire

A new Web site makes it possible to meet people without the hassle of going on e-dates or joining a book club.

Tags: online dating , jenny tam , rentafriend , rent a friend , Paul D. Shinkman

Friday - 10/08/2010, 11:38am EDT

Using poop to power lights, homes

A few new inventions are making sure nothing goes to waste, even if it means using dog or human waste.

Tags: poop , Energy , electricity

Thursday - 10/07/2010, 01:40am EDT
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