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Bad medicine

Do you know where the drugs in your medicine cabinet are coming from? Commentator Barlow Herget set out on a mission to find out.

Tags: counterfeit drugs , FDA

Tuesday - 03/27/2012, 01:07pm EDT

Getting the Limbaugh record straighter

Commentator Barlow Herget says he has been puzzled by the reporting on the Rush Limbaugh attack on Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown University student.

Tags: Rush Limbaugh , Georgetown University , Sandra Fluke , birth control

Wednesday - 03/21/2012, 12:54pm EDT

Rotten business

Moderate and young Republicans and independents should stop and think about what the Grand Old Party is doing.

Tags: healthcare , GOP

Tuesday - 12/22/2009, 12:49pm EST

Good work if you can get it; Sarah got it

They stood four hours in the rain at Ft. Bragg to get an autograph.

Tags: Sarah Palin , Ft. Bragg

Tuesday - 11/24/2009, 05:12pm EST

Watch out

The terrorists aren't coming. They're here.

Tags: op ed , security

Tuesday - 04/06/2010, 02:47pm EDT

Hey! Who's the NEW guy?

Tags: inside WFED , commentary

Monday - 08/17/2009, 09:37am EDT

We need jobs. Now.

The three most important things for government are jobs, jobs, jobs.

Tags: umemployment

Tuesday - 12/15/2009, 06:12pm EST

Do something

Voters are getting very, very angry.

Tags: Congress , Barack Obama , healthcare reform

Thursday - 02/25/2010, 10:56am EST

Making sense: modifying mortgages

Resistance to negotiation is puzzling.

Tags: foreclosure , mortgages ,

Thursday - 09/17/2009, 03:02pm EDT

It's time to put away the white gloves

President Obama should take advantage of the fact he has a majority in Congress.

Tags: columns , health care

Tuesday - 09/08/2009, 04:53pm EDT
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