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Joint chiefs picks show Obama comfortable with military

Mike Lyons, military analyst for CBS News

Tags: Mike Lyons , CBS News , Ray Odierno , Martin Dempsey , James Winnefeld ,

Monday - 05/30/2011, 07:24pm EDT

Dems to target Ryan plan until 2012 election

Gordon Peterson, moderator of Inside Washington

Tags: Gordon Peterson , Paul Ryan , Inside Washington , Bill Clinton , Medicare

Friday - 05/27/2011, 07:34pm EDT

US and UK strengthen cyber collaboration

President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron have announced their shared vision for global cybersecurity.

Tags: Federal Drive , Cybersecurity Update , cybersecurity , David Cameron

Thursday - 05/26/2011, 08:30am EDT

Path to Israel-Palestine peace still unclear

Josh Gerstein, reporter for Politico. Story: Benjamin Netanyahu wows Congress

Tags: Josh Gerstein , Politico , Israel , Palestine , Hamas ,

Tuesday - 05/24/2011, 07:50pm EDT

Obama's Israel stance may cost Democrats

Mark Plotkin, WTOP political analyst

Tags: Mark Plotkin , Benjamin Netanyahu , Israel , Steny Hoyer , Joe Lieberman , Eric Cantor , John Boehner

Tuesday - 05/24/2011, 07:30pm EDT

Obama, Netanyahu discussed convicted Israeli spy

A spokesman for Benjamin Netanyahu tells WTOP Radio that the Israeli prime minister talked with President Obama about imprisoned Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard during their meeting in Washington.

Tags: Benjamine Netanyahu , Israel , Jonathan Pollard , Mark Regev , Mark Plotkin , Yonah Metzger

Saturday - 05/21/2011, 04:19pm EDT

Netanyahu delivers unusual lecture to Obama

Chris Wallace, host of Fox News Sunday

Tags: Chris Wallace , Fox News Sunday , Benjamin Netanyahu , Mitch McConnell

Friday - 05/20/2011, 07:02pm EDT

Is Obama adopting 'Bush Doctrine' on the Arab Spring?

Gordon Peterson, moderator of Inside Washington

Tags: Gordon Peterson , Inside Washington , Benjamin Netanyahu , Charles Krauthammer , Mark Shields ,

Friday - 05/20/2011, 07:09pm EDT

Obama aims for 'new chapter' in American diplomacy

Mark Plotkin, WTOP political analyst

Tags: Mark Plotkin ,

Thursday - 05/19/2011, 05:41pm EDT

Obama's Israel remarks to worry some in Congress

Jim Barnes, political correspondent for National Journal

Tags: Jim Barnes , National Journal , Congress , Israel , Palestine

Thursday - 05/19/2011, 05:50pm EDT
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